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November 13th, 2023

Best Quest 3 Link Cables

The Meta Quest 3 is an amazing headset, however, to truly unlock its full potential, a high-quality link cable is essential. With a Quest Link cable (formerly Oculus Link) you can get access to thousands of SteamVR games. Games like Half-Life: Alyx, Phasmophobia VR, and mods like “Life is Strange VR.”

However, not all cables are created equal – some have faster data transfer and charging capabilities, and others fall short, causing connection issues.

If you’re on the hunt for a good link cable, worry not – we’ve scoured the market, tested numerous options, and compiled a list of the best Meta Quest 3 link cables that will deliver seamless connectivity and uninterrupted gameplay.

Here are the best Meta Quest 3 Link Cables:

TL;DR: What’s the Best Quest 3 Link Cable?

Cable Length Charges while playing?
Official Link Cable 16 ft (5 m) Yes
Anker High Speed 16 ft (5 m) Yes
VRCover Premium 16 ft (5 m) Yes
ZyberVR USB-A to C 16 ft (5 m) No (cheaper)
KiwiDesign Cable 16 ft (5 m) No (cheaper)
VOKOO Link Cable 16 ft (5 m) No (cheaper)

What Kind of Cable Do I Need For Oculus/Quest Link?

There are 4 requirements for a good Quest Link Cable.

  • USB-C Cable
  • USB 3.0 or higher, which means they’re fast enough for Oculus Link. Although 2.0 can work as well, it’s not recommended.
  • Long enough for you to move around while playing (16 feet or 5 meters)
  • Allows the headset to be charged whilst playing (optional, since these are more expensive)

The Different Types of USB Cables

Types of USB cables

There are 2 types of cables that work with Quest Link:

  1. USB-C to USB-C cable: This cable has the same connector on both ends. It looks like a tiny oval with smooth edges. The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 have a USB-C port, and many modern PCs have one too. So, this cable can connect your headset directly to your PC.
  2. USB-C to USB-A cable: This cable has a USB-C connector (the tiny oval with smooth edges) on one end and a USB-A connector (the rectangle with the boxy edges) on the other end. If your PC doesn’t have a USB-C port, this cable is perfect for connecting your headset to one of the rectangular USB-A ports on your computer.

Which Cables to Get:

Best Quest 3 Link Cables That Charge Your Headset While Playing

In order to charge your headset while playing, you need a motherboard that supports power delivery (PD), and a Quest Link cable that has fast speeds to carry enough power to charge a headset.

With these cables, I’m able to keep the Quest 3 charged nearly indefinitely. It might go down a few % after an hour.

1. Official Quest Link Cable

Made by Meta

This is the cable I use. It comes directly from Meta and works better than any other cable I’ve tried, although it is quite pricey. As long as your motherboard supports power delivery, you can charge your headset while playing, allowing several extra hours of use for the Quest 3, and unlimited battery life for the Quest 2.

*Although on the store page, it says for Meta Quest 2, I can confirm this cable works for Meta Quest 3.*

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 5 Gbps
  • Longevity: I’ve had it since the Quest 1 in 2019 and it still works perfectly

2. Anker High Speed Data Transfer Cable

Recommended by Meta

This is another great cable I recently got. It’s even faster than the official Quest Link cable, allowing you to charge at faster speeds if your motherboard is powerful enough. Since the Quest 3 is 2.5 times more powerful than the Quest 2, you’ll need extra charging power to keep it running indefinitely.

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 10 Gbps
  • Longevity: Untested

Again, it mentions that this cable is for the Quest 2, but I can confirm it works with the more powerful Quest 3.

Although still quite pricey, the Anker High Speed Cable is faster and cheaper than the official Quest Link cable, making it a great option, especially when the official cable is out of stock (which happens frequently). The only downside is I can’t speak to the durability of the cable, as I just got it.

3. VRCover Premium USB-C Cable

Reputable VR Accessories Manufacturer

This cable offers nearly unlimited play time for the Quest 3 if your PC can supply enough power. It comes in 2 variations: a 2m and 5m cable. I recommend avoiding the 2m cable, because it is nowhere near long enough to move around, unless you just want to sit and play simulator games.

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 10 Gbps

The VRCover Premium cable is slightly heavier than the official Quest 3 cable, but it seems to have more durability as well with extra shielding around the case.

This is the cheapest option that’ll allow you to play whilst charging, offering several more hours of play time.

Check VRCover delivery locations:

You can use my coupon code “VRHeaven” for 10% off :)

Cheapest Quest 3 Link Cables

These cables might not allow you to charge while playing, but they are much more affordable.

I’ve tested a bunch of cheap USB-C cables, and a lot of them don’t work with the Quest 3. Some keep disconnecting while playing, and others don’t register at all. However, here are the ones that worked for me:

1. ZyberVR USB-A to USB-C Cable

This cable was very cheap, so I was surprised it worked so well – no disconnect or stuttering issues. And it’s also 5 meters long!

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 2.5 Gbps

This cable is perfect for those who don’t have a USB-C slot on their computer. Every computer nowadays has a USB-A slot, but not every computer has a USB-C slot.

If you’re unsure, just get this cable. It’s one of the best budget cables.

2. Kiwi Design 16ft Link Cable

Kiwi has been known for some affordable stellar accessories for the Quest 2, and this cable is no different. This is a very reliable cable that causes no disconnect or stuttering issues, so I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a budget option.

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 2.9 Gbps

Also comes with a cable clip to help with cable management – by attaching the wire to the side of your Elite Strap.

3. VOKOO Link Cable

This cable has been out for ages and is very reputable. It’s one of the best budget options for Quest Link cables.

  • Length: 16 ft (5 meters)
  • Speed: 2.9 Gbps
  • Durability: Extremely good

Comes with lifetime warranty and customer support. Although it’s not powerful enough to charge your Quest 3, it works perfectly fine for playing PCVR games.

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