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January 9th, 2024

Best Meta Quest 3 Games 2024

The Meta Quest 3 is mindblowing! It’s so much more immersive than the Quest 2, and the color passthrough allows you to play some really awesome mixed reality apps. But where do we begin? There are so many games out there.

Well, I’ve compiled a list of over 50 Quest 3 games for you to try. There’ll be something for everybody: singleplayer games, co-op games, pvp multiplayer games, mixed reality games and more! If you want to be immersed in the most breathtaking games, make sure you read the end to see what VR is truly capable of!

Must Play Quest 3 Games

1. Dungeons of Eternity | Co-op Dungeon Crawling RPG

Ahhh my favorite game of the year. If you have a group of friends who own Meta Quest VR headsets, then Dungeons of Eternity is the best co-op experience you can experience in VR right now.

Dungeons of Eternity supports solo mode with up to 3 players, but is best experienced with a group of friends to work together to defeat strong enemies. In this game, you explore randomly generated dungeons and fight enemies using swords, bows, magic and throwing axes. There’s plenty of gear and customization options that you unlock throughout the playthrough, making this game replayable for a long time.

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2. Iron Man VR | Best Thrilling Adventure

I am not a fan of superheroes, but this game blew me away. Words can’t describe how amazing it feels to fly around in the Iron Man suit. The game is really immersive and offers tonnes of thrilling aerial combat. On top of that, it has a unique story you can get invested in.

Beware, flying in the Iron Man suit isn’t easy and takes practice, which might be frustrating to some, but I personally loved it. It feels like you’re mastering a new skill.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Iron Man, or superheroes in general (like me), you should definitely try out Iron Man VR if:

  • You’re looking for a thrilling adventure
  • You want to feel immersed and see what VR is capable of
  • You want to get mind-blown

If you’re a fan of Iron Man, then it’s a crime if you don’t try out this game.

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3. After the Fall | VR Co-op Survival Shooter

Premise: Survive a frozen wasteland with friends in your own home.

Set in an alternate 1980s, “After the Fall” pits you and your friends against ferocious hordes of undead known as Snowbreed. With the desolate, ice-covered ruins of Los Angeles as your playground, you’ll engage in heart-pounding combat, scavenging for resources, and braving the horrors that lurk around every corner.

The game is renowned for its intense co-op gameplay, allowing up to four players to join forces and strategize to survive. With an arsenal of customizable weapons and gear, you’ll need to work together to stand a chance against relentless waves of Snowbreed.

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4. Assassin’s Creed Nexus | Stunning Standalone Graphics & Parkour Gameplay

Premise: You play as an elite hacker for the Brotherhood, tasked with a critical mission. Your main goal is to infiltrate Abstergo, the powerful and secretive organization central to the Assassin’s Creed lore. You aim to stop them from finding powerful Isu artifacts, which are significant within the game’s universe.

The game leverages VR to enhance the storytelling and gameplay experience. For instance, making eye contact with characters while in the Animus adds a personal dimension to the story.

On standalone Quest, this is the closest you’ll get to a AAA game. For those who love Assassin’s Creed, this game retains the core gameplay elements of the franchise, including parkour, stealth, and combat. It excels in parkour and offers a sizeable campaign of 15-20 hours.

The game’s visuals are impressive for standalone VR, and it provides extensive comfort settings. If you’re a fan of the AC series, this is a must-have.

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5. Red Matter 2 | Atmospheric Puzzle/Adventure Game

Red Matter 2 is a game that utilizes the Quest 3’s new powerful processor to its potential, bringing in really impressive graphics. It’s one of the most visually stunning games on the Quest 3. But for me, the best part was the sound design, music and voice acting. All this created a very atmospheric and immersive experience.

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6. Asgard’s Wrath 2

Asgard’s Wrath 2 brings a mix of classic 3D Zelda world design and Elder Scrolls combat concepts to the table. This isn’t a game that you’ll breeze through; it’s a massive, open-world action RPG offering over 100 hours of gameplay.

Enemies come with a shield/health system and weak points, requiring strategic thinking to defeat them, rather than button mashing/wild swinging. Puzzles are also a significant part of the game – like the first game, it features a god-scale puzzle mechanic, where you switch between mortal and god forms to manipulate the environment.

The level design cleverly balances sprawling environments with hidden areas, ensuring that exploration remains rewarding without being overwhelming. There is also an endless mode called Uncharted Rifts, featuring randomly generated dungeons, which adds some replayability.

Best of all – if you ordered a Quest 3, Asgard’s Wrath 2 comes with it for free!

Best Mixed-Reality Quest 3 Games

One of the most exciting things about the Quest 3 is the color passthrough mixed reality. Many apps are starting to integrate it, and we’ll update this list in the future when cool apps get added. Here’s the best mixed reality games on the Quest 3 currently:

1. Figmin XR

Think of it as a realistic Minecraft on steroids, in mixed reality. You create worlds and rules, or just explore others.

In Figmin XR, players can construct their worlds, set their rules, and embark on adventures they’ve created. The Quest 3’s advanced mixed reality passthrough brings your creations to life, offering a unique platform for storytellers and dreamers alike. The interactive environments paired with social features also make sharing your worlds and exploring others’ a breeze.

2. Demeo

Imagine D&D in VR. Get your buddies, choose your characters, and dive into dungeons. Super immersive, with real RPG vibes.

3. First Aid Mixed Reality

Learn how to save lives in crazy emergency scenarios. Super intense, but cool to think you could use this stuff in real life. More than a game, it’s a potential life-saver.

4. BAM – Multiplayer Mixed Reality Battle Game

BAM is a series of mini games including: Crown, Bomb and Punch-out. These games are similar to mini-games from games like Mario Party and Fuzion Frenzy. Supports both online multiplayer and local multiplayer.

5. Ghosts of Tabor – Best App Lab Game

Ghosts of Tabor is a VR game that offers a unique combination of PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) survival gameplay, set in a post-apocalyptic world.

In 2044, a rogue tactical nuclear missile crashed into an island near the coast of Tabor, causing widespread destruction and revealing a hidden facility of the AdvantEDGE Research Corp. This event resulted in intense skirmishes among various factions, each suspecting the others of being responsible for the blast. Players enter this chaotic world where the main objectives include discovering the origins of the missile, gaining control of the AdvantEDGE facility, and ultimately escaping from Tabor.

The game mechanics involve a mix of survival elements like managing health, hunger, thirst, and crafting equipment. Players engage in intense shootouts and scavenge the countryside for intel, resources, and better gear.

Note: This game is only on App Lab as of now, but expect it to get onto the official store later.

6. Arkio

Build like an architect, in real-time, in VR. Insane for design fans. More of a creative tool than a game, but addictive if you love building stuff.

7. PianoVision

Learn to play piano in mixed reality with Quest 3’s hand tracking. The best part is you don’t even need a piano or keyboard to play this. All you need is a flat surface like a table.

8. Vermillion – VR Painting

Learn to oil paint in VR. Best part is they’ve added mixed reality passthrough, so you can chill in your house whilst painting and having a Youtube painting tutorial up in mixe reality. Vermillion also has multiplayer support, you can learn to paint with friends or just muck around.

9. Blaston: Multiplayer PvP Bullet Hell

Duel in slow-mo. Dodge bullets, plan your shots, and outsmart your opponent. Simple concept, but insanely intense. The community’s tight, too.

10. Broken Edge: PvP Sword Dueling

Broken Edge is a tactical sword dueling game of skill. Unlike many other VR sword fighting games, swinging your sword around wildly won’t get you anywhere. You need to be precise and treat this more like a chess match, outsmarting your opponents.

FREE Quest 3 Games

1. Pavlov Shack

Pavlov Shack VR

Genre: Shooter

Rating: 4.45

Number of reviews: 8000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited

Price: Free

App Lab Link

If Fortnite type games aren’t your thing, then you might like Pavlov Shack instead. It’s basically Counter-Strike VR, but with many awesome cool modes.

It’s got a very dedicated group of hardcore competitive gamers, but also a lot of casual players.

Apart from the competitive 5v5 mode, there’s a bunch of other game modes including TTT, King of the Hill, Infection, Prop Hunt, Capture the Flag and many more.

If you like shooters, Pavlov Shack has so much to offer. I can’t recommend this game enough.

2. VRChat


Genre: Social/Casual

Rating: 3.81

Number of reviews: 16000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited

Price: Free!

If you just want to “hang out,” the game I recommend for you is VRChat.

Do keep in mind – the community can turn many people off. BUT if you can look past the horniness of the community, VRChat is an amazing metaverse experience.

Some worlds have mindblowing visuals and music.

VRChat can be difficult to get into, since there’s so many worlds and the game isn’t very intuitive.

To navigate VRChat, we’ve created a world guide for you.

If you have access to a VR-ready PC, then I highly recommend using the Steam version of VRChat which is 10x better than the Quest version. It has more worlds to explore, better graphics, more avatars, and the community is more mature.

3. Rec Room

Rec Room

Genre: Social/Casual

Rating: 4.42

Number of reviews: 20000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited

Price: Free!

Rec Room is like VRChat, but focuses more on the mini-game rooms where you can play all sorts of games created by other people.

4. First Encounters

Really cool showcase of mixed reality.

Aliens. Space. Guns. Heart-pounding action and epic battles. Feels like you’re IN a sci-fi movie. Total blast if you’re into that stuff.

It’s a short experience, but also free, so I don’t want to spoil much.

5. Gorilla Tag

Genre: Casual/Social

Rating: 4.71

Number of reviews: 16000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: Free!

Available on App Lab

Only one word can describe this game: stupid-fun.

Despite it’s graphics, Gorilla Tag is one of the most played and highly rated games on Quest. It makes you play tag whilst running around making monkey noises.

The game can be challenging as well. It gets you so immersed that you should be careful of your surroundings. It’s very common for people to break TVs, walls, their controllers, or injure themselves playing this game.

But overall, it’s one of the best free VR games you can get that’ll make you feel like a kid again. I recommend finding a group of friends to play this game with.

6. PokerStars VR

Genre: Casual/Social

Rating: 3.45

Number of reviews: 14000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited

Price: Free with options to pay for chips

A social gambling game with slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. What’s more to say?

7. Bigscreen VR

Imagine a virtual world where you can watch movies, stream TV shows, and hang out with friends in digital theaters or environments — that’s Bigscreen VR. It’s a unique social experience that lets you host movie nights, attend live events, or even stream your desktop in VR. While the app is free, some premium movie screenings might cost you.

8. Cards & Tankards

Cards & Tankards

Walk into a tavern, grab a drink and do battle against other players (or the AI) in this collectible card game! There’s deck building, leaderboard rankings, grinding for cards (if you care about getting on the leaderboards) and a private room where you can just hang out with other people.

Despite being free, the game has a good amount of depth and strategy involved, and tonnes of replay value!

9. Ancient Dungeon Beta

Ancient Dungeon Beta

Roguelite dungeon crawler with randomized dungeons offering infinite replayability! People have spent hundreds of hours in this game. It’s extremely polished and highly addictive – if you like action/fighting games, I highly recommend you give this one a try.

10. Alcove


An app to connect with loved ones. Live in a home filled with endless adventures where you can add real life photos to the photo frames, watch videos together, listen to music together, play board games together or explore the world.

Best Multiplayer Quest 3 Games

1. Population: ONE | Battle Royale in VR

Population One

Genre: Shooter/Battle Royale

Rating: 4.49

Number of reviews: 11000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited

Price: $29.99

This is one the best multiplayer game on the Quest Store. It’s like Fortnite, but made for VR and it feels so much more epic, since you get to climb buildings like Spiderman and glide across the skies like Batman.

If you enjoy competitive shooters, it doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Zenith: The Last City | VR MMORPG

Genre: MMORPG/Adventure

Rating: 4.35

Number of reviews: 6000+

Gameplay Length: 40+ hours, with more content being added over time

Price: $29.99

This game is unique because it’s the first and only VR MMORPG (although there are several in the works). They recently secured a $35M series B investment, so expect much more content to be released.

When it first came out, there was 20+ hours of gameplay, but it became barebones after that. Over time, this game will continue getting more updates and is worth going back to.

3. A Township Tale | Multiplayer Co-op RPG

Genre: RPG/Adventure

Rating: 4.35

Number of reviews: 6000+

Gameplay Length: 40+ hours

Price: $9.99

A Township Tale offers so much content for it’s price that it’s a steal. I rate it as one of the best VR games under $10.

Join a server with other players and help build your town through crafting and resource gathering – which is the main highlight of this game.

There’s not just crafting, but, blacksmithing, chiseling, cooking, combat, economics and more.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to work in a group to progress through this game, otherwise playing solo will take forever. This game is quite a grind. It’s kind of like Runescape with more teamwork and social aspects.

4. Synth Riders | Multiplayer VR Rhythm Game

Genre: Music/Rhythm

Rating: 4.7

Number of reviews: 2500+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $24.99

After playing 1000+ hours in Beat Saber, I decided to give Synth Riders a try. The game is amazing! It’s not like Beat Saber at all – it’s fun in its own unique ways.

You’re basically using your hands to hit the colored notes instead of swinging a saber around. This enables you to dance more and gives a more full body workout than Beat Saber.

Several advantages of Synth Riders over Beat Saber:

  • The base custom songs are way better than Beat Saber 
  • Doesn’t use wrist movements.
  • Dance more!
  • Great atmosphere
  • Online functionality with microphones enabled so you can talk to other players!
  • Play custom songs without having to mod your game

At 2500 reviews currently, I think this game is highly underrated.

5. Painting VR

Genre: Art/Creativity

Rating: 4.68

Number of reviews: 300+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited (it’s painting)

Price: $12.99

The best VR painting game on the Oculus Quest.

It’s so relaxing just being able to paint whilst playing some calm, ambient music. You can also use the in-built web browser to put on some Bob Ross painting instructionals and paint along him.

The best part is it also supports mixed reality passthrough and multiplayer!

6. Cook-out: A Sandwich Tale | Co-op Cooking Game

Genre: Casual/Cooking

Rating: 4.58

Number of reviews: 1000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited (it’s painting)

Price: $19.99

A game for up to four people where you work together in a kitchen to prepare meals for some very nasty customers.

It’s addictive, challenging and fun. This can either be a very relaxing game, or a very stressful game where customers are barking orders non-stop.

Overall a very fun co-op cooking game to get together with the friends/family or strangers.

7. Altair Breaker | Co-op JRPG

Genre: Casual/Cooking

Rating: 4.58

Number of reviews: 1000+

Gameplay Length: 1 hour + semi-replayable for grinding to level 20

Price: $19.99

Altair Breaker is an anime sword fighting game with some of the most fun combat mechanics in VR. The game makes you feel like you’re in your favorite sword fighting anime game, whether that be Sword Art Online or Demon Slayer.

And the game is also multiplayer. Once you finish the tutorial, it’ll put you in a multiplayer lobby with other adventurers.

The main downside of this game is there’s a huge lack of content. Only 4 levels, with the same enemies, which you fight over and over again. I believe the enemies get more difficult as you keep playing, but I didn’t stick around enough to find out.

With that said, I’m including this game on the list anyways because it’s fun and more content is being added. So hopefully, we’ll have much more variety in enemies we can fight.

8. Walkabout Mini Golf

Genre: Sports/Casual

Rating: 4.86 

Number of reviews: 8000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $14.99 USD

Oculus Store

At first I was skeptical about this game. “Why would I want to play mini golf in VR?”

After hearing so many positive things about it, and knowing I can always just refund it if I don’t like it, I gave it a try and it blew me away. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this game, I 100% recommend going for it.

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Best Singleplayer Quest 3 Games

1. Iron Man VR

One of the most fun and immersive VR games I’ve ever played. You get to feel so badass flying around in the Iron Man suit!

Flying in the Iron Man suit isn’t as easy as it may seem and takes practice, which is one of the reasons I love this game. It makes you feel like you’re acquiring new skills.

There’s tonnes of fast-paced action and a unique story to get invested in.

2. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Walking Dead- Saints & Sinners

Genre: Action/Horror

Rating: 4.64 

Number of reviews: 17000+

Gameplay Length: 15 hours to complete the story

Price: $39.99

Another absolute no-brainer that’s worth every penny.

This is one of the most immersive, scary, and intense game on the Oculus Store. It’s also got a great story which is often underrated.

A large majority of people will rate this as their favorite VR game, with many rating it even higher than Half-Life: Alyx, which can only be placed using a VR-Ready PC for the Oculus Quest 2.

It’s that good!

3. The Room VR: A Dark Matter

the room vr

Genre: Puzzles/Escape Room

Rating: 4.9 

Number of reviews: 11000+

Gameplay Length: 5 hours

Price: $29.99

Oculus Store

The Room VR is one of the best entries into VR for beginners. It’s a well-polished puzzle game with an intriguing mystery and a creepy, immersive atmosphere.

If you enjoy puzzle/escape room games, this is one of the VR classics, and a must buy. For those who are interested, but turned off by the lack of gameplay content, you can wait for it to be on sale. Note: It’s also available on Steam Store.

4. Thrill of the Fight

Thrill of the fight alternate cover

Genre: Sports/Fighting

Rating: 4.79

Number of reviews: 10000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $9.99

One of my favorite VR fitness games!

Stepping into the ring for the first time, and hearing the cheers of the audience will make you feel like you’re in a real amateur fight in a garage. After defeating each opponent, you work your way up to fighting professionals, and finally, the world champion.

This game will make you drench in sweat. It’s one of the best workouts I’ve ever gotten in VR.

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5. Creed: Rise to Glory

Genre: Sports/Fighting

Rating: 4.05

Number of reviews: 4000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $29.99

Oculus Store

If Thrill of the Fight is a realistic boxing sim, Creed Rise to Glory is more like a Rocky movie.

To most people, this is more fun, since it offers a story, several different training modes, a montage, multiplayer and more content that makes the game more immersive, making you feel like in a movie.

However, it suffers in its combat mechanics which are very unrealistic, and also doesn’t give as good of a workout.

I personally prefer Thrill of the Fight, since the combat feels more like a real boxing match, but they’re both different games that would appeal to different people.

6. Tokyo Chronos

Genre: Narrative/Anime

Rating: 4.35

Number of reviews: 500+

Gameplay Length: 15 – 20 hours

Price: $39.99

Oculus Store

If you like anime and visual novels in particular, Tokyo Chronos is a must-have!

Since it’s mostly a visual novel, it won’t cause any motion sickness and it’s a great game to pick up for VR beginners who love a good story.

The great thing about Tokyo Chronos is that it delivers a full length story that can take 15 – 20 hours to complete. There isn’t much gameplay, but the mystery plot is really good and the characters all have cute, likeable personalities.

Overall, if you don’t mind reading, this is one of the best story-driven VR games.

7. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

Genre: Narrative/Anime

Rating: 4.73

Number of reviews: 1000+

Gameplay Length: 15 – 20 hours

Price: $39.99

The sequel to Tokyo Chronos. Story-wise, it’s very close to the first one in terms of writing quality, but the production value of this game blows the first one out of the water. It feels so much more immersive and the music is mindblowing.

If you like these types of games, I recommend playing Tokyo Chronos first, because it’s hard to go back to the first game when you’ve experienced Altdeus.

8. Pistol Whip

Genre: Action/Rhythm

Rating: 4.78

Number of reviews: 8000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $29.99

Pistol Whip is an action game first and foremost. The “rhythm” part is secondary to it.

Lots of people love this game, but lots of people also have mixed feelings about this game not feeling like a true rhythm game.

Regardless, if you like the idea of feeling like a badass whilst killing enemies to the rhythm, you’ll probably like Pistol Whip.

9. Moss

Genre: Adventure/Puzzle

Rating: 4.82

Number of reviews: 6000+

Gameplay Length: 4 hours

Price: $29.99

Moss is an adventure puzzle with some fighting elements sprinkled in.

The main appeal of Moss is undoubty the stunning visuals, beautiful soundtrack, epic storyline and overall great atmosphere that’ll give you the ride of your life.

10. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Genre: Horror/Puzzle

Rating: 4.77

Number of reviews: 8000+

Gameplay Length: 6 hours with some replayability

Price: $29.99

If you’re a fan of the FNAF series, or like horror games with a lot of jump scares, then this game will suit the bill. It’s way scarier in VR.

As for the rating – I think it’s a bit overrated by all the FNAF fans, but who am I to say what people can like?


Genre: Shooter/Puzzle

Rating: 4.71

Number of reviews: 16000+

Gameplay Length: 2 hours

Price: $24.99

The gameplay revolves around the mechanic that time freezes and the enemies don’t move unless you move. This allows you to dodge bullets, make strategic decisions and feel like a badass as if you were in the matrix.

This is one of the highest rated games on the Quest Store, but I feel it’s too short for my liking.

12. I Expect You to Die 1/2

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure/Escape Room

Rating: 4.81

Number of reviews: 4000+

Gameplay Length: 3-5 hours

Price: $24.99

I Expect You to Die is an espionage puzzle game inspired by the James Bond franchise, which is clearly evident through the opening.

You play as an elite secret agent with super-powers to grab things through telekenesis. You must use your wits to escape sticky situations and save the world.

If you enjoy puzzle escape room games like The Room VR, you’ll likely enjoy this one too.

13. GORN

Genre: Action/Fighting

Rating: 4.76

Number of reviews: 7000+

Gameplay Length: 3-6 hours

Price: $19.99

If you like the idea of endless waves of bloody gladiator battles, GORN is for you.

There’s 3 modes to this game: regular (story), endless and custom.

In the main menu, players can choose which characters to play, with each one having their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile at the start of each wave, the player has to make a choice on what weapon they want.

After defeating waves of enemies, the player must face a boss battle.

14. Vader Immortal: Episode 1-3

Genre: Narrative/Adventure

Rating: 4.4

Number of reviews: 15000+

Gameplay Length: 1 hour each episode

Price: $9.99

Vader Immortal is a short, but very immersive and well-done cinematic experience telling an original story in the Star Wars universe. There’s a bit of gameplay and light saber battles, but the core focus is on the narrative.

If you’re like me, a fan of Star Wars, and want to experience what it’s like to be inside the Star Wars universe, this is a must-have.

15. Resident Evil 4: VR

Genre: Horror/Action

Rating: 4.75

Number of reviews: 10000+

Gameplay Length: 10-15 hours

Price: $39.99

There’s a reason why RE4 has been remade so many times, it’s hands-down one of the best games ever made.

Those who enjoy horror, zombies, and excellent gameplay overall is going to fall in love with RE4, or those who played it way back when will fall in love all over again.

16. Into the Radius 1/2

Genre: Horror/Action

Rating: 4.82

Number of reviews: 1000+

Gameplay Length: 15-20 hours

Price: $29.99

Have you ever wanted to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in VR?

Into the Radius is a survival horror shooter that drops you into a bleak world filled with surreal landscapes and terrifying anomalies, alongside excellent and realistic gunplay similar to most other shooters.

Anyone who’s a fan of Fallout’s creepier vibes, or wants a truly unique VR experience should check this out.

17. Down the Rabbit Hole

Genre: Music/Rhythm

Rating: 4.7

Number of reviews: 1500

Gameplay Length: 2 hours

Price: $19.99

A story that takes place before the events of Alice in Wonderland. Its about a girl looking for her lost pet, Patches. You must help her navigate through Wonderland, making choices and solving puzzles along the way.

I gotta say, the graphics for this game is absolutely beautiful!

The only downside is that the game is only 2 hours long, so I recommend you pick this up on sale. 

18. The Climb 2

Genre: Sports/Arcade

Rating: 4.16

Number of reviews: 2000+

Gameplay Length: Replayable

Price: $29.99

Oculus Store

Want to test your fear of heights? Try hanging off a ledge 200 feet above the ground.

This game is so immersive that even though you know it’s not real, your brain thinks it’s real. If you have any fear of heights, you will be quaking in your boots.

I’m not someone who normally sweats, but when I tried it for the first time, my palms were sweating onto the controllers. 

There’s also competitions you can enter with other players to see how fast you can climb the course. Unfortunately, the multiplayer isnt’ real time, as you’ll be racing against the ghost of another player (a replay).

Overall great game if you like to experience fear. Great game for those who enjoy climbing and racing to get the fastest time.

19. Beat Saber

Beat Saber

Genre: Rhythm/Sports

Rating: 4.61 

Number of reviews: 45000+

Gameplay Length: Unlimited (community created content)

Price: $29.99

A complete no-brainer, especially if you enjoy fitness games, or rhythm games, or both.

It has the largest community in VR, multiplayer mode, unlimited custom maps and all sorts of crazy mods, like this one which turns Beat Saber from just a game to an atmospheric concert environment:

Most Immersive PCVR Quest 3 Games

If you’ve got a VR-Ready computer, you can play SteamVR games on your Meta Quest 3. Note – these are some of the most immersive games you’ll ever play in VR, so I highly recommend them.

1. Elite Dangerous

Nothing has ever made me more immersed than playing Elite Dangerous using a HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick):

HOTAS Set up

You will feel like an actual captain of a spaceship, soaring through space. Words cannot describe how it feels.

Even without a HOTAS, it’s extremely immersive, and this is a game you can spend thousands of hours on.

2. iRacing

Another way to get really immersed is playing a racing simulator and getting a steering wheel + pedals. There are many racing simulator games you can play, and iRacing is one of the best ones.

3. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx has some of the most realistic graphics you’ll ever see in a VR game… Except for the next game on our list. It’s got a really good story and you can interact with the world in almost any way you can think of.

Want to pick up some markers and draw on the whiteboard? Can do. What to pick up any objects and scare away birds with them? Can do.

It’s extremely immersive, action-packed and scary at times even though it’s not a horror game. It’s just that immersive.

4. Cyberpunk 2077 VR Mod

You are going to need a beastly PC to play this game. Recommended RTX 4090 graphics card, although you can play on lower settings with a weaker GPU.

Walking through this cyberpunk city is absolutely breathtaking. Here’s a video showcasing it:

5. Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia in VR is absolutely terrifying. I played it once in VR and never again.

But if you’ve got more balls than I do, this might be up your alley.

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