Anime Art Commissions

Commissions are opened!

Where Can I Hire an Anime Character Artist?

The best place to look for an anime artist will be on Pixiv. This is where all the top professional artists go.

You can find anime artists on:

Anime Art Commission Prices:

How much does it cost to hire an anime artist? If you’re hiring on Pixiv, for professional quality anime art i.e. art created by people who’ve studied art their whole lives (10-20 years) and do this for a living, it will cost $200-$500 per character sprite, depending on how in-demand the artist is. It usually takes dozens of hours just to create one character so this price is justified. For hobbyist artists, it will cost between $50-$200 USD.

Our Services:

  • Character sprites/portraits
  • Anime style backgrounds
  • CGs

Hire Anime Artist

anime art school girl

Anime Girl Wearing VR Headset

anime background commissions

anime bg commissions

We’re open to all kinds of requests.

So far, we’ve been hired for all sorts of things:

“Draw me as an anime character”

There are two ways to get drawn as an anime character:

  • Using AnimeMyself – an AI app that turns photos into anime drawings
  • By hiring an artist and sending them your photos

Hiring an artist produces better quality results, but a “selfie to anime” app is a fraction of the cost. Examples of selfie 2 anime:

selfie to anime

AI Generated with AnimeMyself

Alternatively, you send us a picture of yourself or the person you want drawn. We’ll turn your real life photo into a professional-grade anime character – better than what photo to anime generators could create. Your photos will be 100% private and we won’t post it without your permission.

Visual Novel Art Commissions

Whispers of the Luminaries cover

Visual novel artwork is our specialty. You can commission us for anime style character sprites, anime styled backgrounds and CGs. Please mention how many characters/backgrounds you need created and your budget.

Other things we do:

  • Games
  • Promotional material
  • DnD characters (Dungeons and Dragons)
  • Twitter avatars
  • Special occasions (birthdays, valentines, weddings etc.)

So just tell us what you need, your budget and how many characters/backgrounds you want drawn and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours. Important: We won’t reply to any emails without this information.

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