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September 28th, 2023

Should I get 128 GB or 512 GB Quest 3?

Short answer:

128 GB vs. 512 GB Quest 3, What’s the Difference?

The difference between the 128 GB vs. 512 GB Meta Quest 3 is the price and how many files it can hold. The 512 GB gives you more space to store games, apps, photos, videos and other data. You won’t have to worry about uninstalling games, deleting movies or running out of space.

But for an extra $150, is this worth it? Let’s break it down:

Meta Quest 3 128 vs 512

How Many Games can the Meta Quest 3 Hold?

The 128 GB Meta Quest 3 model can hold around 50 games (on average), since the average game size is around 1-3 GB, and the operating system is 10-15 GB. Meanwhile the 512 GB version can hold around 240 games!

With that said, expect these numbers to change as games become bigger. It’s safe to assume games will double in size, due to the new processing power of the Quest 3.

This means in 1-2 years time, the Quest 3 128 GB version will hold around 25 games on average, whereas the 512 GB version can hold 120 games.

How big are games on the Meta/Oculus Quest 2?

Quest 3 games can take as little as 0.1 GB space or as much as 42+ GB depending on the game. According to our database, the average VR game size is 1.986 GB, but expect this to double as games become more powerful.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about ‘future-proofing’ your headset. The VR space is rapidly improving and there’ll be new headsets soon. Instead, I’d rather save that extra money for a new gen headset over the coming years.

The current largest game is Medal of Honor – taking up 41 GB of space. As more triple A games are introduced to VR, the average Quest 3 game size will greatly increase. So it’s safe to assume double the current estimates.

The biggest games currently are:

  • Medal of Honor: 42 GB of space
  • The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners: 8.39 GB of space
  • Resident Evil 4: 7.8 GB of space

But apart from these outliers, most games are within the 0.5 – 3 GB range. And most games from our best Quest 3 games list are 2-4 GB.

Game Size
Robo Recall 3.7 GB
Phantom: Covert Ops 3.7 GB
Population One 2.8 GB
VRChat 304 MB (not including downloadable assets)
I Expect You to Die 897.8 MB
Creed: Rise to Glory 995.4 MB
Bigscreen 1.09 GB
Arizona Sunshine 1.32 GB
Dance Central 2.78 GB
Beat Saber 1.5 GB (not including custom assets)

How much space (GB) is Beat Saber? The game itself is 1.6 GB, but you can add custom songs and mods which can easily double or triple the size of it. Custom songs are usually ~3 megabytes each, so 100 custom songs = 300 MB.

How Big are Movies in VR?

3D movies are 10-25 GB+ and can sometimes go up to over 50 GB. Most 2D movies at 1080p are only 1-3 GB.

Movies can quickly take up space on your headset. However, by using programs like Skybox VR, OR tethering to your computer, you can just store the movie files on your computer and watch from your headset (both wirelessly and wired). Skybox VR is amazing and has zero stutter, even when using the headset wirelessly.

Thanks to the Meta Quest 3’s crisp resolution it’s one of the best headsets for watching movies. Just make sure to buy some comfort mods if you want to watch movies on it.

The Verdict: Should I get 128 GB or 512 GB Quest 3?

Both are good options. If you’re trying to save money, the 128 GB version won’t disappoint. Meanwhile if you’d like to store many games/movies at once and have the extra convenience, 512 GB is plenty of space!

Is 128 GB enough space for the Meta Quest 3?

At the moment, 128 GB is more than enough for most people – allowing you to run any game you want and store dozens of games. The downside are if you want to play some big triple A games like Medal of Honor, you’ll have to uninstall previous games to make space for them (not the end of the world).

At the moment, there are only a handful of games that require over 10 GB of space, but in the next couple of years, this number will greatly increase as larger games are being made.

If you’re trying to save money, you can’t go wrong with the 128 GB version though – the worst case scenario is you’ll have to uninstall games to play new ones. Having larger storage just means more convenience.

I am personally going to save money and get the 128 GB version, because I know it’ll be enough to last me long enough until the next gen of Quest headsets.

Meta Quest 3 128 GB ordered

Is There Any Reason to Get the 512 GB Version?

If you’d like to hold many games at once, it’s recommended you get the 512 GB version. You’ll get much more convenience this way.

If you’re an avid movie watcher, or if you’re a streamer who records gameplay, then you should absolutely go for the 512 GB version. Although if you have lots of storage on your computer, you can store movies there and watch them through Skybox or Bigscreen (wirelessly).

Current Deals:

  • 128 GB version + Receive Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free
  • 512 GB version + Receive 6 Months Meta+ Subscription (2 free games per month) and Asgard’s Wrath 2 ($49.99) for free


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