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Should I buy Oculus Quest 64 GB or 128 GB?

Oculus Quest 64 vs 128 GB

UPDATE: Oculus Quest 2 just got announced for pre-order. Everything in this article about the Quest 1 should still be relevant, however, expect slightly bigger games to come out in the future due to the higher processing power of the Quest 2.

How much space do you need for the Oculus Quest?

It’s only $100 extra for the Oculus Quest 128 GB (or 256 GB Quest 2), but is it worth extra cost?

Oculus Quests are hot right now. They’ve frequently run out of stock before so you don’t want to wait too long before ordering one.

My recommendation is, if both options are available, get the 64 GB version.

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Having more space means you can store more games on the headset, but I found the 64 GB version to be more than enough.

Here’s a breakdown of file sizes:

How big are Oculus Quest Games?

Most games are 0.1 – 3 GB of space. If you’re getting the Quest 2, assume games to be slightly bigger in the future (but not much).

Here are the most popular game sizes:

  • Tilt Brush is 292.9 MB
  • VRChat is 304 MB (not including downloadable assets)
  • Beat Saber is 571.4 MB (add in a few megabytes for each custom song you download e.g. 100 songs = 300 MB)
  • I Expect You to Die is 897.8 MB
  • Creed: Rise to Glory is 995.4 MB
  • Bigscreen is 1.09 GB
  • Arizona Sunshine is 1.32 GB
  • SUPERHOT VR is 1.9 GB
  • Dance Central is 2.78 GB
  • Robo Recall: Unplugged is 3.47 GB

In general, the majority of games are 1 GB or under. Some of the bigger games reach 2-4 GB. I haven’t seen any games which are bigger than that.

Is 64 GB Enough for Oculus Quest?

For gaming alone, 64 GB is more than enough.

The average game size is around 800 MB. This should allow you to install 80 games at once! For 99% of people, this is more than enough, but for those 1% of people, you can always uninstall some older games to free up space.

On top of that, by using Oculus Link, you can play desktop games on your Oculus Quest headset without needing to install the games on it. So if you want to play SteamVR games or other desktop titles, you just need space on your computer, not your headset.

I currently have about 20 GB used up on games on my Oculus Quest, most of the games I play are on Steam.

If you’re planning on adding lots of movies onto the Quest however, that’s a different story.

How Big are Movies?

At 1080p, most movies are 1-3 GB. 3D movies are 10-25 GB+

Movies can quickly take up space on your headset. However, by using programs like Skybox VR or tethering to your computer with Oculus Link, you can just store the movie files on your computer and watch from your headset. Skybox VR is amazing and doesn’t lag at all, even wirelessly.

If that’s the case, then why should I get the 128 GB Quest?

The only reason you should get the 128 GB Quest is if you travel a lot and like to bring your Quest with you. Or you like to bring it to parties and show people all the cool stuff you can do on Quest.

In that case it’ll be wise to get the 128 GB version, especially if you’re a heavy gamer.

If you aren’t a gamer and you just want to watch movies, then you’ve chosen the wrong headset. The headset you’re looking for is the Oculus Go – designed specifically for movies and light gaming. Read more about the best VR headset for movies.

Tl;DR (Too Long Didn’t Read)

The 64 GB Oculus Quest is suitable for 90% of people. Even hardcore gamers won’t run into space issues, but if you want to store a lot of movies, then get the 128/256 GB version.

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