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January 22nd, 2024

50 Best Multiplayer Quest 3 Games Right Now

So this took me a while to complete, but I’ve finally compiled a list of 50 of the best multiplayer Quest 3 games.

This list contains free games, multiplayer horror games, co-op games, pvp games, social games, shooters and more – there’ll be something for everybody here. Some of these games even support the new color passthrough capabilities of the Meta Quest 3.

Must-Play Multiplayer Quest 3 Games

1. Dungeons of Eternity

Co-op Dungeon Crawling RPG

Ahhh my favorite game of the year. If you have a group of friends who own Meta Quest VR headsets, then Dungeons of Eternity is the best co-op experience you can experience in VR right now.

Dungeons of Eternity supports solo mode with up to 3 players, but is best experienced with a group of friends to work together to defeat strong enemies. In this game, you explore randomly generated dungeons and fight enemies using swords, bows, magic and throwing axes. There’s plenty of gear and customization options that you unlock throughout the playthrough, making this game replayable for a long time. 

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2. After the Fall

VR Co-op Survival Shooter

Premise: Survive a frozen wasteland with friends in your own home.

After the Fall is an intense first person shooter co-op game where you and your friends must face against hordes of undead known as Snowbreed.

The game is set in an alternate 1980s Los Angeles – a desolate wasteland covered in ice and ruins. Up to four players can join forces and there’s a large arsenal of weapons and gear you can customize from.

You’ll need to work together if you want to survive this harsh reality.

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3. Eleven Table Tennis

Realistic VR Sports

Did you know people have sold their real life table tennis tables to play Eleven Table Tennis? Yep – Eleven Table Tennis is that realistic, and arguably better than real life.

  • For one – you can play with anyone, anywhere with the multiplayer mode
  • Two – you don’t have to set up the table every time you want to play. Real table tennis players can relate to how much of a nuisance this can be.
  • Lastly – you don’t need to go chasing for the ball every time. 

If you getting good at VR table tennis, you’ll also be good at real life table tennis. You can even play this with passthrough mixed reality!

My only warning is: DO NOT lean on the table – it’s very easy to try leaning on a table which doesn’t exist when you’re reaching for the ball.


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4. Broken Edge

PvP Mixed Reality Sword Dueling

Broken Edge VR

Broken edge is a 1v1 sword dueling game that supports mixed reality color passthrough.

I really like this game because it’s unique to all the other VR sword fighting games I’ve seen. You can’t just mindlessly swing your sword around and hope you swing it faster than your opponent to win. 

In Broken Edge, you have to be skillful about the positioning of your sword and outplay your opponents. It’s easy to learn, but difficult to master. 

There are 6 different classes/characters to choose from: the tyrant, knight, duelist, barbarian, persian and samurai. They all have their own unique abilities and mechanics which make each matchup a completely unique experience.

Broken Edge is one of the most fun PvP games I’ve tried on the Quest Store and I highly recommend it to anybody who likes the idea of a skillful dueling game in VR.

Grab the game here: Broken Edge

5. Population: One

Multiplayer Battle Royale Shooter

Premise: Enter the battle royale and fight to be the last one standing.

Details: Basically Fortnite in VR.

While there are a lot of battle royale games for the PC, and a couple of them for VR, Population: One is the one that stands out the most due to its polished gameplay and frequent updates.

There are various weapons that you can use, you can climb and glide around, and most importantly, you can get those sweet 360-no-scopes if you are skilled enough.

Population: One

6. Vermillion – VR Painting

Premise: VR oil painting at its finest – now with multiplayer.

VR Scenery Painting

Details: For the longest time, Vermillion was touted as the most realistic oil painting simulator on VR, but it was only singleplayer. Now, they released an update that allows up to 4 players to paint together.

You can bring on friends, family or even an oil painting teacher!

Vermillion also has an in-built web browser which you can use to follow along to Youtube videos (like Bob Ross) or you can put on some relaxing, ambient music whilst you paint.

Either way, if you just want to relax and have a good time, Vermillion is the perfect game for that.

Best Co-Op Quest 3 Games

1. Phasmophobia

Multiplayer VR Horror Game

Premise: Phasmophobia is a multiplayer horror VR game where team up with up to 3 other players and play as a paranomal investigator. Your job is to go inside a haunted house to collect evidence to uncover what type of ghost is haunting the house, so the exterminator team can eliminate it.

Details: To do this, you’ll use an assortment of tools – from EMF readers to spirit boxes – and of course, your own wits. One of the game’s unique selling points is its voice recognition system, which allows players to ask questions or provoke ghosts using their actual voice. This adds an extra layer of immersion and tension that few games have managed to capture so effectively.

In order to play Phasmophobia, you’ll need a VR-Ready PC and either Air Link or an Oculus Link cable.

2. Demeo

Multiplayer Tabletop RPG with Passthrough Support

Premise: Perfect game for those who are looking for a D&D-like experience in VR. With the new added passthrough mode, this game will blow your mind.

Details: Many have considered Demeo to be one of the best games that the Meta Quest has to offer, which is exactly why it won the 2021 Game of the Year at VR Awards and UploadVR.

In this game, you can team up with three other players and fight the unholy forces that are corrupting the world in the classic RPG fashion.

If you are looking for a D&D experience in VR, then Demeo is a must-play. It features three astonishing adventures that you can venture through with your friends, with more to come in the future.

The developers of this game are something that every game should have, as they listen to feedback very thoroughly, and they have implemented many requested features since the game has launched.

In addition, passthrough mode is supported in this game, so it’ll feel like you’re playing a board game in real life. Nothing beats playing Demeo on a real table using the Quest 3’s color passthrough.


3. Cook-Out

Party VR Game

Premise: Take your VR cooking skills to the test by serving customers with your friends.

Details: Usually, games that revolve around real-life activities such as cooking are expected to be a bit of a snooze fest. However, Cook-Out makes cooking one of the most entertaining things you can do in virtual reality on the Quest 3.

You can team up with three other friends, and together, you can sate the hunger of enchanted creatures from your cooking cabin within the forest.

The levels start off rather simple, but as your progress through the game, they become quite hectic and chaotic as you will not only have to prepare epic meals for your customers but also fight off the ones that are making trouble.

The co-op gameplay that Cook-Out offers cannot be found anywhere else, and it is one of the titles that every Quest 3 user should have if they are looking for fast-paced gameplay that can create some memorable moments when played both with friends and alone.


4. A Township Tale

Premise: Explore the roleplaying world of Township Tale and venture into an adventure.

Details: For those who are looking for an online multiplayer VR RPG, A Township Tale is definitely going to taste your hunger for one. It’s a cheap VR game at under $10, but offers so much gameplay time.

The world of this game is absolutely beautiful, and exploring it with friends offers a unique experience in VR. You can play various roles in the town, such as the blacksmith, warrior, or crafter, and band up with your friends to explore the world that the game offers.

Numerous dark caves have hidden treasure within them, but be careful, as terrifying monsters guard them. As you progress further into the game, the challenge increases and prevents the game from becoming stale.

With that said, build up your town and gear up for an incredible adventure in this co-op masterpiece that is A Township Tale!

A Township Tale

5. Crisis VRigade 2

Premise: On-rail shooter where you can take down bad guys with a friend.  

Details: Basically Time Crisis in VR if you’ve ever played those arcade machines. If you happen to be a fan of arcade on-rail shooters, then the sequel to one of the best ones in the early days of VR, Crisis VRigade, is the game for you.

The game has decent physics and satisfying gunplay, lots of bad guys to shoot, and most importantly, boss battles.

Crisis VRigade 2

6. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Premise: Team up with a friend to defuse explosive briefcases.

Details: What makes this a fantastic co-op game is that the friend you are playing with does not even need to own a VR headset.

The way it works is that one person is immersed in VR, with a briefcase with a couple of puzzles on it. Meanwhile, the other player has to search through a manual and guide the player in VR to solve those puzzles.

Communication in this game is essential, and it will definitely create some epic moments, especially on more complicated levels where both of you are trying to act as fast as possible to stop the bomb from going off.

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

7. Swords of Gargantua

Premise: Rogue-like experience where you use melee weapons and power-ups to fight the mighty Gargantua.

Details: Teaming up with friends in order to take a big hard boss is probably one of the best ways that co-op games can be experienced, and Swords of Gargantua does that extremely well.

As you continue playing the game and probably fail to defeat the final boss, you will acquire new gear and power-ups to spice things up on your next run, which makes this game have a lot of replay value.

Swords of Gargantua

8. Arizona Sunshine

Premise: Fight along with your friends against hordes of zombies.

Details: There is nothing better than teaming up with some friends and blasting your way through hordes of zombies, and that is exactly what Arizona Sunshine is all about.

You can mow through the zombies with 25 different weapons and explore huge environments like mines, canyons, deserts, and more.

While playing with friends in co-op through a campaign is the best experience, you can also enjoy a Horde mode with up to four players. Of course, if you would like to venture into adventure alone, you can do so in single-player mode too, but co-op is where this game shines the most.

Arizona Sunshine

9. Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

Premise: Hold back the undead together with your friend!

Details: Whether you are a fan of using melee weapons or guns to fight zombies, Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition is going to provide you with a fantastic experience.

With this edition, you can have an even better chance of stopping the zombie hordes from eating your brains by teaming up with a friend and fending them off in a fun co-op fashion.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

10. Spatial

Premise: Hang out with people from all over the world and create some art.

Details: If you want to show off your art gallery or have an NFT exhibit in VR, you can do that in Spatial.

It is a fantastic app if you are just looking to see what kind of art people want to share with others, and you can hang out with them as well as your friends in these custom environments.


11. Operation Serpens

Premise: Team up with three friends and shoot your way through Operation Serpens until the Snake Organization is dismantled.

Details: The game features some amazing gunplay, as it has quite a lot of guns. If guns are not your forte, you can use grenades, flashbangs, and even drones. Even if the game plays like a zombie survival, it is a unique experience and worth giving a shot.

Operation Serpens

12. Carly and the Reaperman

Premise: Team up with a friend and recover the lost souls.

Details: Games like Carly and the Reaperman are quite rare, as they offer a unique experience. While one player controls the Reaperman in VR, the other player takes control of Carly on a PC.

While the player who is Carly, has the experience of playing a platformer, the other player who plays the Reaperman is the one that helps enhance that platforming experience by moving platforms around.

The game offers numerous levels that vary in difficulty, and what makes this an astonishing game is that the solutions to beating the level do not always have to be like the developers intended, as thinking outside the box is appreciated from time to time.

Carly and the Reaperman

13. Spaceteam VR

Premise: Communicate with your friends and attempt to get the instructions right to steer your spaceship to safety.

Details: Chaos is something that makes co-op and party games the most interesting, and Spaceteam VR does a fantastic job at that.

Up to six players can play it at a time, and if you play with a full house, hearing everyone yell in confusion can be loads of fun. Those who already played it on their phones in the past probably know how this game feels, but VR makes it that much better.

Spaceteam VR

14. Death Horizon: Reloaded

Premise: Explore the laboratories where everyone was turned into undead by a virus that you have to save the world from.

Details: Unlike most zombie games that focus on mowing down hordes of zombies, Death Horizon: Reloaded adds a bit of spice to the genre by making you and your friends explore the laboratories and putting you in tight situations.

Death Horizon: Reloaded

15. Sairento VR: Untethered

Premise: Become a cyber ninja and defeat your enemies by pulling off some crazy moves.

Details: Katanas, firearms, bows, throwing weapons, this game definitely has everything that a cyber ninja could fit into their arsenal. Not only that, but it allows you to pull off some fantastic jumps, fall runs, backflips, and all kinds of maneuvers.

If you are not prone to motion sickness in VR, team up with a friend and enjoy the cyber-ninja simulator that you were looking for.

Sairento VR: Untethered

FREE Multiplayer Quest 3 Games

If you’re looking for free VR games, the Quest 3 has a handful of really good ones. Here are 10 I recommend:

1. Gorilla Tag

Premise: Play the classic game of tag, but with a twist!

Details: One of the most popular games in everyone’s childhood tends to be tag, as it is very entertaining and simple to understand, and most importantly, it does not require any special setup. Gorilla Tag offers that exact experience from the comfort of your own home, and it does it without the use of buttons, sticks, or teleportation.

To move in the game, you will have to push yourself off the surfaces to jump around and squeeze them with both hands in order to climb. It is one of the easiest Quest 3 games to pick up and play due to its simple controls, and for the low price of zero dollars, it can offer hours of entertainment for just about anyone.

Just like in the traditional game of tag, there are players who chase, aka. the infected gorillas, and the ones who they have to tag, aka. the survivors. The simple game of tag allows up to 3 players, and the infection mode is for four or more.

Gorilla Tag

2. Pavlov Shack Beta

Multiplayer VR Shooter

Premise: Lead your team to victory in a tactical 5v5 shooter.

Details: You might have played the PC version of this game, which is Pavlov VR, but even if not, it is important to mention that this game is one of the best shooters that VR has to offer.

The gunplay in this game is amazing, especially when it comes to reloading, as each gun has a unique approach to it. This is basically Counter-Strike in VR, with many different fun game modes like Capture the Flag, Trouble in Terrorist Town and Prop Hunt.

In the beginning, you might be spending most of your time in the shooting range to get used to all the guns, but once you jump into multiplayer, the game becomes very addictive.

Pavlov Shack Beta

3. Echo VR

VR eSport

As of 2023, Echo VR has been discontinued and is no longer playable. There is a small dedicated private server you can join, but I haven’ tried it yet.

Premise: Experience zero gravity while playing a fast-paced competitive game of Frisbee.

Details: There have been a lot of unique approaches to sports in VR, but Echo VR is one of the best.

While a regular game of Frisbee is not that interesting in real life, Echo VR spices things up by making it play in zero gravity and turning it into a competitive team game.

Something that is worth mentioning is that this game is free to play, and for the price of $0, you will not find a better 4v4 game for your Quest 3.

Echo VR

4. Gun Raiders

Premise: Jetpack through the air while shooting at your enemies below in this free-to-play shooter.

Details: Considering that the game is free to play, it offers quite a lot of content. Assault, control, free for all, and team deathmatch are all playable modes in Gun Raiders, and they are all equally fun.

The gameplay is quite fast-paced, and it might take you a bit to get into the game, but once you get the hang of it(pun not targeted at climbing and hanging on walls, we promise), you will mow down your enemies with ease.

Gun Raiders

5. VRChat

Best Multiplayer Social VR

Premise: Explore player-created worlds that are limited only by players’ imaginations.

Details: When it comes to multiplayer games, VRChat offers an experience that you will not find anywhere else, and that is because of its phenomenal community.

You can explore worlds created by players that are meant for relaxing and playing various games, and some of them even host VR concerts and DJ sets.


6. PokerStars VR

Premise: Play poker and other casino games in virtual reality.

Details: PokerStars needs no introduction to who are fans of poker, as it is one of the most popular websites to enjoy this game.

However, if you want to gamble with an imaginary currency, hopping into PokerStars VR is the best way to do it.

You will be able to master the game of poker while having fun with an amazing community.

PokerStars VR

7. Rec Room

Premise: Explore various player-created rooms in this gaming focused VR sandbox.

Details: When it comes to free-to-play VR games, many will say that the Rec Room is one of their favorites and if you ask them why it is mostly because the game has unlimited potential.

In Rec Room, you are representing yourself as your own Rec Room avatar that you can customize to express your identity as you venture through the player-created rooms.

There are millions of player-created rooms where you can either hang out with your friends or make new ones by meeting other players. Some rooms can be considered co-op or pvp games within the Rec Room.

What makes this game shine is the community of creators, and there are no words that can describe how amazing it is.

Rec Room

8. Half + Half

Premise: Team up with a friend and enjoy five unique multiplayer spaces. Half + Half is a game about connection.

Details: While the game is relatively short, it will definitely make you have a good time and there are replayable elements. There are five types of levels that you can enjoy with a friend or a stranger, and depending on who you play with, you might have a different experience.

Half + Half

9. AltspaceVR

Premise: Hang out with friends in a metaverse with a rich community.

Details: What makes co-op games fun is that not all of them have to be action-based. Some of them can be like AltspaceVR, where you can just relax with friends and enjoy some standup and other activities that people host in this game.


10. Alcove

Premise: A virtual house where you live together, and are able to explore the world that we live in.

Details: Going on VR tours and excursions can be fun, but what is more fun is if you do it with family and friends.

Alcove lets you have your own virtual house.

You can decorate your virtual house with all kinds of items and hang out with your friends. You can take photos from real life, and put them into picture frames of your house.

There are even many mini-games you can play together (e.g. board games). Alcove is a great app for bringing long distance family and friends together.


Best VR MMORPG – Zenith: The Last City

Premise: A perfect choice for those yearning for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) experience in the realm of virtual reality.

Details: Zenith: The Last City has made waves in the VR gaming community for its ambitious goal of bringing the MMORPG experience into the immersive world of virtual reality. Set in a vibrant, anime-inspired world, the game promises an expansive landscape filled with quests, creatures, and diverse biomes, allowing you to team up or compete with players from around the globe.

Whether you’re a spellcasting mage or a sword-wielding warrior, Zenith offers a range of class choices and gameplay mechanics that cater to multiple playstyles. You can engage in PvE raids, face off in PvP battles, or simply explore the expansive open-world with your friends.

What sets Zenith apart from other VR titles is its dynamic combat and mobility system. Players can climb almost any surface, glide through the air, and engage in fast-paced, skill-based combat, making every in-game action feel meaningful and impactful.

The developers, Ramen VR, have been highly responsive to community feedback. They’ve continually updated the game with balance changes, new content, and quality-of-life improvements since its release. This iterative process has helped the game evolve and maintain an engaged and growing player base.

If you’re a fan of MMORPGs and are looking to take the plunge into a virtual reality version of this beloved genre, Zenith: The Last City should be at the top of your list. Its ever-expanding world and interactive gameplay make it a pioneer in the VR landscape.

Best PvP (Player vs. Player) Quest 3 Games

If you like PvP games, you’ll love these ones.

Make sure to check out Broken Edge and Population one also. Since I’ve already included them above, they won’t be included here, but they are my favorite.

1. Onward – Multiplayer VR Military Shooter

Premise: Military simulator that puts you into intense multiplayer combat situations.

Details: What makes Onward a bit different from other shooters is the amount of immersion you are going to experience like you are playing it.

While it certainly has its flaws compared to some other shooters, from a subjective perspective, those who enjoy realistic combat mechanics are certainly going to have a blast in this virtual reality shooter.


2. Walkabout Mini Golf

Premise: Play on various creative mini-golf courses in virtual reality.

Details: Who would have expected that a game which focuses on mini-golf would be one of the best games for Quest 3? Even if you can play this game in single-player, once you decide to test your skills against others in a 1v1 quick match or a lobby that can have up to 5 players is where the game becomes most entertaining.

While the game started out with only a few courses, the developers have constantly been pumping new content into the game, and it currently features eight unique courses to master with 18 holes (and another 18 on the greater difficulty). With DLC, there are even more courses to explore, and due to the game’s popularity, they are expected every few months.

Courses do not have a single goal of getting the ball into the hole. Instead, every course has hidden custom balls that you can use as your own in your playthroughs, and each course also offers a treasure hunt that rewards you with a special putter.

The game features extremely accurate physics, and it does not require a lot of real space to play as it uses both teleport and smooth locomotion movement.

Walkabout Mini Golf

3. Beat Saber

Premise: Slash blocks with your sabers to the beat of the music.

Details: While Beat Saber used to be the single-player game that made most people buy their Quest 3, today, it is also playable in multiplayer, and its popularity did not dwindle at all.

The premise of the game is extremely simple, as it is a rhythm game where you have a saber in each hand, and you have to slash incoming cubes to the beat of the song.

Beat Saber is easy to pick up and play, but it is extremely difficult to master. Some Expert+ levels can be quite an amazing workout, especially once you dwell on the extra and DLC songs.

There is music from pretty much every genre, and playing it both with friends and random people in multiplayer can be quite entertaining, especially when everyone’s skill level is on a higher level as it makes every slash count.

Beat Saber

4. Eleven Table Tennis

Premise: Play table tennis in virtual reality with realistic physics.

Details: If you are looking for the ultimate table tennis experience in virtual reality, then Eleven Table Tennis is as good as it gets. The physics that this game offers are absolutely stunning, and if you immerse yourself in the game, you will often forget that the table tennis you are playing is in virtual reality.

Eleven Table Tennis will allow you to play your favorite sport against your friends even if you are miles away from one another, thanks to Quest 3, and if they are too busy to play, you can always find a stranger and challenge them to a quick match.

The game also offers various single-player options that will allow you to tune up your table tennis skills by practicing against AI, the wall, and a few other interesting things that we advise you to discover on your own.

Eleven Table Tennis

5. Real VR Fishing

Premise: Can’t fish in real life? No problem, this game will bring you the closest experience possible.

Details: Whether you want to play alone and relax or play online with others and compete to catch the rarest fish that the ocean can offer, Real VR Fishing will not disappoint you.

The game uses some realistic fishing mechanics while also offering ultra-realistic graphics, which look amazing, especially for the Quest 3.

Real VR Fishing

6. Swarm

Premise: Grapple your way through the skies while getting a high score in this amazing arcade shooter.

Details: Having only a grappling hook and a pistol might not seem like the gameplay can be fast-paced, but Swarm is nothing less than that. While getting into the game might be a bit challenging, once you get the hang of it, you will feel like “Spider-man with guns once you get the hang of it.”


7. Golf+

Premise: The ultimate realistic VR golf experience.

Details: While Walkabout Minigolf(our earlier mention) offers all kinds of whacky courses, Golf+ focuses on more realistic ones, along with different clubs than just the putter.

People usually say that graphics do not make the game, but they certainly help Golf+ stand from the crowd, especially when they are combined with realistic physics.


8. Synth Riders

Premise: Dance your heart out while listening to some amazing retro beats.

Details: Holding a bumper in each hand, hit the balls that come at you at the beat of the music that will make you feel like you are dancing. While most of the core maps focus on Synthwave, the DLC maps offer other genres, such as rock and jazz.

The custom maps make this game even more alive, which will certainly give you one hell of a workout if the built-in ones do not tire you out enough.

Synth Riders

9. Racket: Nx

Premise: Show off your skills with a racket in a giant glass dome.

Details: The game’s goal is to hit areas on the giant glass dome that you are inside of and make as big of a score as you possibly can. While you are doing this, you will get to use some power-ups too.

Racket: Nx

10. Kingspray Graffiti

Premise: Create extraordinary graffiti art in virtual reality.

Details: Have you ever wanted to show off just how good your graffiti skills are without having to ruin walls in real life or paint over already existing masterpieces? If so, then Kingspray Graffiti is the perfect game for you, as it catches down the art of graffiti drawing perfectly.

Kingspray Graffiti

11. Hyper Dash

Premise: Classic game of football…but with guns?

Details: Another game that just had to be added to this list is Hyper Dash, as there is no game like it in VR.

The game’s objective is to score as many goals by getting the ball into the enemy goal, and the way you do that is not by kicking it but by shooting it.

Of course, be careful because the enemy team can take you out with their weapons as well, so you will have to put your defensive skills to the test too.

Hyper Dash

12. Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

Premise: Experience legendary World War I battles in the air like never before.

Details: From classic warplanes that were used in WWI to dirigibles, this game has it all. If you are not prone to motion sickness, this game is incredible. It involves fast-paced action and split-second decision-making as you are navigating your favorite retro aircraft in combat.

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

13. Blaston

PvP Shooter With Mixed Reality Support

Premise: One-on-One dodgeball where the balls are bullets.

Details: While playing multiplayer games is usually better, the more players participate; sometimes, getting into a 1v1 can feel just as satisfying. Blaston will put not only your aim to the test but also your reflexes when you are put in a situation where you have to evade the enemy fire.


14. Tetris Effect: Connected

Premise: Play various modes of Tetris with mesmerizing ambiance.

Details: While playing Tetris alone can be fun, there is only that long before the urge to compete with someone kicks in. With Tetris Effect: Connected, you will get the opportunity to play against your friends and other people while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere that Tetris in VR has to offer.

Tetris Effect: Connected

15. Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Premise: Take on the form of a tree or a squirrel, and face off in an epic battle.

Details: Games like Acron: Attack of the Squirrels are gems that everyone should give a try because they are a blast to play.

It is yet another unique experience, where a person in the VR headset is controlling an acorn tree while other players are on their phones, playing as squirrels.

While the tree can have an overview of the battlefield and use its seeds to throw them squirrels, the squirrels also have some aces up their sleeves, as each squirrel has unique abilities to help them steal those precious acorns.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

16. Chess Club

Premise: Classic game of chess, but in virtual reality.

Details: Playing chess in virtual reality might not sound as interesting to some people as playing something that is packed with action, but for those who enjoy chess, Chess Club will provide you with a magnificent experience.

No matter if you are a Grandmaster or a newbie, Chess Club is a great place to improve your skills and make new friends.

Chess Club

17. Ironlights

Premise: Put your skills with medieval weapons to the test in this amazing VR fighting game.

Details: What makes Ironlights such an incredible game is the way the developers implemented a new approach to melee combat in virtual reality.

Because of the back-and-forth gameplay, you will feel like you are having an epic fight with your opponent, no matter which one of many weapons from Ironlights you choose to use.


18. Dance Central 


Premise: Practice your dance moves and have an epic dance battle.

Details: There are a lot of dancing games for the Quest 3, but one that a lot of people will agree is the best for the system is Dance Central.

It is based on the original Dance Central that came out for the Xbox360 many years ago, and it plays just as well, but this time, in VR, where you can connect with your current friends and meet new ones.

Dance Central

19. Sport Scramble

Premise: Enjoy traditional sports with a twist.

Details: If you ever wanted to play golf with a baseball bat, or maybe tennis with a hockey stick, that is what Sport Scramble is all about. It is a game that every sports fan will enjoy.

Sport Scramble

20. Larcenauts

Premise: Tactical shooter with hero classes like no other.

Details: If you are a fan of realistic gunplay, you will not find it here. However, if you are a fan of Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, you will fall in love with this team-based class/hero shooter in VR. There is a nice variety of specialists(heroes) to choose from, and no matter what your style of play is, you will certainly find one that fits yours.


21. Mini Motor Racing X

Premise: Race in mini motorized vehicles.

Details: Having the option to play from whichever perspective in racing games is such a big plus, and Mini Motor Racing X lets you drive from the first person, classic third person, and another third person where you control your vehicle from above with remote control.

Besides the classic racing mode, there are many others that you can explore, and it is truly one of a kind game and probably the best one when it comes to racing as it offers something for everyone.

Mini Motor Racing X

22. Vermillion – VR Painting

Premise: VR oil painting at its finest – now with multiplayer.

Details: For the longest time, Vermillion was touted as the most realistic oil painting simulator on VR, but it was only singleplayer. Now, they released an update that allows up to 4 players to paint together.

You can bring on friends, family or even an oil painting teacher!

Vermillion also has an in-built web browser which you can use to follow along to Youtube videos (like Bob Ross) or you can put on some relaxing, ambient music whilst you paint.

Either way, if you just want to relax and have a good time, Vermillion is a great game for that.

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And that’s the whole list! Thanks for reading it this far and stay tuned as I keep the list updated with the newest releases.

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