How to Make the Oculus Quest 2 More Comfortable

I’m a huge fan of the Oculus Quest 2, but I’m not gonna lie… It’s very uncomfortable. When I first bought the headset, I wasn’t able to use it for more than 15 minutes due to the discomfort on my cheeks and forehead.

The good news is, after doing some modifications, I can wear it for as long as I want!

So NO – You did NOT buy the wrong headset. The Quest is amazing! You just need to learn how to make the Oculus Quest 2 more comfortable:

Best Oculus Quest 2 Comfort Mods

I recommend combining 2-3 comfort mods together for best comfort. Some people can get away with just one comfort mod, but people like myself need 2-3.

Which ones to choose? 

The three main comfort mods you need are:

  1. A counterweight + headstrap. The Quest is so front-heavy that by adding weight at the back, you can alleviate the pressure at the front.
  2. Better face padding. The stock face padding was a bit rough and the facial interface felt too narrow for my head. A better face padding is 100% necessary in my opinion, the diffference is night and day!
  3. A new strap: The original strap is very flimsy and distributes the weight badly. The straps also can be irritating to your ears. A new strap will solve all of this.

A counterweight + better face padding can make the quest comfortable to the point where you can wear it all day.

Best Oculus Quest Counterweight Mod: VR Balance Mod

Best Oculus Quest Counterweight mod

The above picture was from my Quest 1, but they released a new version for the Quest 2. I’m still using the old version, because it actually fits on the Quest 2 as well, but I recommend you order the new version.

This is the slickest design I’ve ever seen for a counterweight mod. It is like a cushion on the back of your head, except it weighs ~539 grams which is the perfect weight for a counterweight in my opinion.

I love this counterweight mod, because it allows you lie down comfortably. Other counterweights such as the battery pack mod makes it difficult to lie down.

It also fits in the Oculus Quest travel case and looks quite nice compared to other counterweight mods.

I reached out to VR Balance and they were nice enough to give us a small discount code:

You can order here and checkout using the code ‘WINSTON’ for a small discount. NOTE: This mod does NOT work with the ‘Elite Strap’ if you have that.

Face Padding Mod

Combine this with the counterweight mods and you’ll have an ultra comfortable Quest!  

VRCover Facial Interface & Foam Replacement

VRCover Comfort Mod

This VR Cover padding literally feels like a cushion on your face – it’s sooo soft! I get no more red marks on my face.

The product comes with two versions: a thicker cushion and a thinner one.

The thinner one allows your face to get closer to the lens (even closer than the original foam) and increases your ‘field of view’ by a few degrees. The thicker one greatly enhances comfort.

To me, I like the thicker one better because the extra comfort is worth the small decrease in field of view, but both are more comfortable than the stock foam.

In my opinion, this is a must-have mod for everyone. Not only does it improve comfort, but it also offers: 

  1. Better hygiene & easier cleaning 
  2. Reduces light leak into the headset with the nose flaps (as shown above)
  3.  Prevents skin irritation in people with more sensitive skin

Combine this with a counterweight, and it should be comfortable enough to wear for hours.

A New Strap

There are two options for straps: 

  1. The Elite Strap
  2. The Halo Strap

Both are similar in comfort, but I recommend the Halo Strap, since the Elite Strap has durability issues.

Comfort Mod Combos:

Without any mods, the original Quest 2’s comfort rating is a 3/10 for me – very uncomfortable. However, with comfort mods, we can bump that to a 7-9/10. 

Let me show you the 3 combinations you can use:

Option #1: VR Cover Face Padding Mod + VR Balance Counterweight Mod & Head Strap

Comfort Rating: 7-8/10

I was able to wear the Quest all day with these mods, but there was minor discomfort after hours of use.

Option #2: VR Cover Face Padding Mod + (Elite Strap or Halo Strap)

Comfort Rating: 7-8/10

Similar to the first option, I can wear the Quest all day long, but there was minor discomfort after hours. The main difference between this and the first option is the weight is more front-heavy on this due to lack of a counterweight. However, the flimsy strap was gone.

Option #3: VR Cover Face Padding Mod + VR Balance Counterweight Mod + (Elite Strap or Halo Strap)

Comfort Rating: 8-9/10

By combining all the comfort mods together, we can make a Quest 2 with perfect weight distribution and no flimsy strap causing discomfort to my ears or the back of your head. With these mods, I can wear the Quest all day with no comfort issues. 

Option #1 and #2 are good enough in my opinion, but option #3 allows you to get that extra bit of comfort for another $50. 

Other Tips to Improve Comfort:

There are a few other ways to improve the comfort of your Oculus Quest:

VR Balance Head Strap

VR Balance Strap

This mod distributes the weight towards the top of your head so it’s less front heavy. I quite like it on the Quest 2 actually, because it stops the straps from coming in contact with your ears.

And no you don’t need the batteries on the side for this mod (those are just optional – they hardly have any effect).

Wear a Beanie

Want a cheap solution to your problems? Just wear a beanie! It’ll slight improve the comfort and also absorb your sweat so it won’t make it onto the headset.