I’m a huge fan of the Oculus Quest, but I’m not gonna lie… It’s very uncomfortable. When I first bought the headset, I wasn’t able to use it for more than 15 minutes due to the discomfort on my cheeks and forehead.

The good news is, after doing some modifications, I can wear it for as long as I want!

So no, you did not buy the wrong headset. You just need to learn how to make the Oculus Quest more comfortable:




1. Make Sure You’re Wearing it Correctly


Comfort is subjective. Some people won’t have comfort issues at all. Maybe wearing the headset correctly can fix your comfort issues. The most common error is this:

How to make the Oculus Quest More Comfortable


Hopefully that fixes the comfort issues for you. If it’s still uncomfortable, there are some modifications you can do to make it better. The first one is super easy to do:


2. Add a Counterbalance


Since the Oculus Quest is so front-heavy, it puts a lot of pressure on your cheeks and forehead. By adding a counterbalance on the back of the headset, you get to alleviate this pressure.

This method alone allowed me to wear the headset for several hours with minor, but tolerable discomfort.


Keep in mind adding a counterbalance will make the headset heavier, but most of the extra weight will be distributed on the top of your head which is much easier to handle.


So you have two options for counterbalances:


  1. The DIY (Do it Yourself) option
  2. Using one of the Oculus Quest comfort mods listed below


How heavy should the Oculus Quest counterweight be?

I’d say around 300-400g is best with mine being 420g. The method I like to use is the wallet/purse method:

DIY Counterweight:

  1. Find a small wallet or purse
  2. Put coins in it until it weighs 300-400g (or however much you like).
  3. Search ‘weight of coins in <your country> on Google so you won’t need a scale to measure the total weight (the weight of the wallet is negligible ~20 grams).
  4. Tape the wallet to the back strap of your headset using duct tape. Make sure it is facing horizontally, so the wallet doesn’t go down to your neck which is uncomfortable especially when you’re looking upwards.


purse with eyes


The beauty of this method is you can choose exactly how heavy you want the counterweight to be by adding in as many coins as you like.

If you don’t have a wallet/purse, there are some really cheap ones for under $10. Here are some I recommend:






I find coin purses to be the best because they’re small and easy to tape on.

3. Buy These Oculus Quest Comfort Mods


There are some great comfort mods available on the market and they’re totally worth the investment. Here are the top 5 Oculus Quest comfort mods:


VR Cover Padding Mod

VR Cover Foam for Oculus Quest


If you find the stock foam on the Oculus Quest uncomfortable on your face, a great alternative is the VR Cover padding. VR cover uses softer foam which is so much nicer on your face and makes you less likely to get red marks.


In my opinion, the VR Cover mod is a must-have for everyone, because not only does it improve comfort, but it also offers: 

  1. Easier cleaning: If you’ve had your Quest for a while, you’ll notice the Quest gets quite dirty and it’s a nightmare to clean. If you haven’t gotten to this point yet, then take my word on it and buy the VR Cover before it gets to this point. The VR Cover face pad is removable so cleaning it is very easy.
  2. Better immersion: The VR Cover mod seals light better so it improves the immersion of the Quest.

For $20, it’s definitely worth the price. Combine the VR Cover mod with a counterweight to remove almost all the discomfort.


Battery Pack Mod


Quest Battery Counterweight

The next option for a counterbalance is to buy a battery pack and tie it to the back strap using velcro straps. The best battery pack for Oculus Quest is the Anker Powercore PD 10000.

It weights 7.5 ounces/212.6 grams and extends the Oculus Quest battery life by another 3-4 hours.


QuesTON mod:


This one’s expensive, but it might be useful to those who value portability (those who travel a lot and want to pack their Quest in the case that comes with it).



This mod is on sale at Shaun’s website for 29.50€


The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Mod


If you don’t mind spending $100 on a mod – your best option is the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap (DAS mod).

Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Warning: This does involve some work to set up and it will make your headset look uglier and become less portable. But is by far the best option to improve your comfort.

The difference between this and the original strap is night and day. The DAS distributes the weight more evenly, so the headset isn’t as front heavy. The back cradle is thicker and is a more comfortable fit. It won’t slide up your head like the Quest head strap. There’s also a knob on the back of the strap that allows you to adjust the tightness of it, making it much easier to adjust than the Quest head strap.

On top of that, you get some headphones that come with the Deluxe Audio Strap and it’s far better than the original Quest speakers.

So overall, you get a massive boost in comfort and a solid improvement in audio.

Is it worth the $100? Hell yeah! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. You don’t need a counterweight mod if you get this, although you can pair this with VR cover to make it ultra-comfortable. Considering it comes with some high-quality headphones, the $100 price tag is nothing. Most of the cost is in the headphone actually. 

Comfort ratings:

Quest Strap: 4/10
Vive Deluxe Audio Strap: 8/10

Unfortunately, production for the Vive DAS has stopped so it’s out of stock in some places, but if you can find one, I recommend buying it.

Buy the Vive DAS from Amazon.


4. Bonus Tip: Wear a Beanie

Want a cheap solution to your problems? Just wear a beanie! It’ll slight improve the comfort and also absorb your sweat so it won’t make it onto the headset.