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November 7th, 2023

I love the Meta Quest 3 but I’m not gonna lie, it’s extremely uncomfortable. It’s very front heavy, and I can’t use the headset for more than 20 minutes due to the discomfort on my forehead, temple and cheeks.

If you’re in the same situation, I have good news for you. I was able to mod my headset and turn it from one of the most uncomfortable headsets into one of the most comfortable headsets!

This was quite easy to do because the headset is inherently light and slim. So don’t think you bought the wrong headset, the Quest 3 is amazing :)

How to Make the Meta Quest 3 More Comfortable

The Quest 3 is uncomfortable because A) the facial interface puts unecessary pressure on the face B) the stock strap does a poor job of distributing weight and feels like a rubber band around your head.

In order to improve the comfort of the Quest 3, you need to:

  1. Replace the facial interface with a softer, more cushiony, leather foam. If you get forehead or temple pain like me, this will fix your issue.
  2. Replace the stock strap with an Elite Strap if you get discomfort on the back of your head or ears.
  3. Get custom, insertable lenses if you wear glasses

By doing the first 2, you’ll be removing 90-99% of your discomfort!

If you want to save money, just go with the first option (facial interace replacement makes a huge difference).

Getting an Elite Strap adds extra comfort on top of that – making the headset more steady and balanced. It also removes the discomfort on your ears and back of your head.

If you want to make VR more comfortable with glasses, I’d recommend getting an Elite Strap and if you have the budget, you can also get custom lens inserts so you don’t need to wear glasses at all.

Must-have Quest 3 Comfort Mods

Here are the Quest 3 comfort mods that I use:

1. AMVR Leather Facial Interface Replacement

If you’re looking for maximum comfort, getting a replacement facial interface is a must have. AMVR’s leather interface replacement is currently the only one available on the market, and it does a great job at cushioning your face.

If you get discomfort or pain around your cheeks, forehead or temple, this leather facial interface will solve all your issues. I can wear my Quest 3 all day with this.


The leather just feels so soft and nice around your face to the point where you won’t get red marks anymore unless you wear the headset for hours.

Check availability on AMVR’s website

2. ZyberVR Elite Strap

ZyberVR Elite Strap

ZyberVR’s Elite Strap is a great replacement to the official stock strap. It improves comfort by slightly alleviating the pressure on your foreheads and cheeks, and greatly improving the comfort on the back of your head and ears.

This Elite Strap secures the headset in place better than the stock strap, so it doesn’t move around as much. It’s perfect for people with glasses looking to improve the Quest 3’s comfort.

If you combine this with a facial interface replacement, you’ll get maximum comfort. At the moment, ZyberVR is the best Quest 3 headstrap.

Note, they both offer the same level of comfort, just one allows you to have extended battery life.

3. VRCover – Facial Interface Replacement

Okay so this product isn’t released yet, but I am eagerly waiting for it. I used this mod on my Quest 2 and it’s an absolute lifesaver. With this mod, I can wear my headset all day with almost no discomfort.

VRCover Quest 2

On top of the improved comfort, the nose flaps improves immersion by preventing light leak.

This is a must-have comfort mod, but it’s not out yet. If you want to get notified when it comes out, feel free to sign up to our newsletter.

I’ll update this post when the product launches.

4. Kiwi Design

This is another product that isn’t released yet, but I used them for my Quest 2 and loved it. So once again, this is another comfort mod that I’m waiting for. Here’s what my modded Quest looks like:

Meta Quest 2 (modded)

Again, I’ll update this post when the Kiwi Design Elite Strap comes out for the Quest 3. I have a feeling it’ll be soon (within 1-2 months).

5. VR Wave Lenses – For People With Glasses

VR Wave clarity

If you’re looking for a way to make VR more comfortable with glasses, you can get custom lens inserts into your Quest 3. VR Wave is one of the top manufacturers for custom lens inserts – you supply them with your prescription information, and they’ll send you some custom lens inserts which insert into your Quest 3.

The lenses come with a blue light filter and an anti-glare filter. If you find VR blurry, having these custom lens inserts will fix your issues.

Related: Our full VR Wave review

I know these products can be expensive, so here’s an exclusive promo code: vrheaven (get $5-10 off)

6. BoboVR M3 for Quest 3

I personally prefer the Elite Strap over the BoboVR, but this is also an alternative option for those looking to alleviate all the pressure on their cheeks and transfer the pressure to their forehead and the top of their head instead.

I dislike this strap because it moves around too much – even more than the stock strap. It’s annoying having to constantly readjust the headset, especially during intense games like Thrill of the Fight. However, it is more comfortable than the stock strap.

Battery Straps

The Quest 3 is extremely battery intensive, due to the high processing power of the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2. At the moment, I don’t recommend any battery straps. The BoboVR one burns out very fast.

According to KiwiDesign on Twitter, after various testing, they managed to find a way to solve the issue of battery drain. So we’ll have to wait and see what solution they come up with.

The Ultimate Combo for Comfort

Elite Strap + Facial Interface Replacement = ✓✓✓ Maximum Comfort ✓✓✓

For Elite Strap, you have 3 options:

  1. Official Elite Strap offered by Meta
  2. KiwiDesign Elite Strap
  3. ZyberVR Elite Strap

All are good options and offer the same level of comfort, however, I don’t recommend the official one since it’s overpriced. You can save money on the other 2.

For facial interface replacement, get:

  • AMVR or
  • VRCover when it comes out

This is the most important one. Don’t get the silicone facial interface by Meta, it’s nowhere near as comfortable

It sucks that Meta refuses to put effort into making the headset comfortable, I’ve had to deal with this since their oldest headsets. But hopefully with these solutions, you can enjoy VR to the fullest extent :)

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