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December 1st, 2019

Tokyo Chronos True Ending Guide (No Spoilers)

I recently finished this gem of a VR visual novel and was shocked to see there were no guides/walkthroughs on how to complete the game. I had to figure everything out on my own, but luckily it was quite simple!

Step One: Prologue

To get the true ending, you need to play the game through once first. During the first playthrough, you only get the option to make one choice in Chapter 4.

If you choose to go with Yu, you end up going down her route and getting her ending.

If you choose to go with Nikkaido, you get to finish the first playthrough (the prologue).

In order to get the true ending, you need to complete BOTH routes.

Step Two

After finishing the game once, press ‘continue’ to play the game again. Use the skip feature to skip through dialogue you’ve already read.

In this new playthrough, you’ll be presented with numerous options throughout the story whilst playing as the side characters.

The left choice always leads to that character’s ending route, whilst the right choice puts you along with the main story. If you want to get the true end, you need to finish all the side character endings: for Yu (in the first playthrough), Togoku, Kageyama, Morozumi, Kamiya and Machikoji.

I also recommend reading through these instead of skipping them.

The quickest way to achieving the true ending is when you come to a choice, always pick the left one. After you finish that route, you’ll be put back on the main menu. Click continue and repeat the same steps for the other routes.

Pro tip: You can actually skip the ending credits after you’ve seen it once by opening the menu and pressing ‘skip,’ since it’s the same song for the side routes.

Step Three: Ending (spoilers)

***Spoilers Ahead*** Don’t read unless you’ve already been to the ending at least once.

Once you reach the ending a second time, you’ll be presented with the option to stab Nikkaido again. Stabbing her again will result in the same bad ending as the first playthrough.

To get the true ending, you need to use the blade elsewhere. If you’re unable to do this, it means you haven’t unlocked all the other side routes. Go back and do them (using chapter select if you don’t have any save points).

After that, it should lead you down the path of the true ending. Hope you enjoy the ending!

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