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January 7th, 2021

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos Endings Guide

Altdeus: Beyond Chronos has a complex system for reaching the endings you want.

In order to get the true ending, you’re going to have to play this game multiple times, though it doesn’t get too repetitive because there’s a lot of new sections each time and you skip the sections which have been played already.

True Ending Guide

First play the game from start to finish once without reading any guides. Just make the decisions that appeal most to you.

Most the important choices won’t appear until after you’ve finished the game at least once.

Second, we’ll need to reach Noa’s ending and Anima’s ending in order to unlock the ‘true’ ending.

DO NOT read further until you’ve completed the game at least once – otherwise there might be spoilers ahead.

Noa’s Ending

Altdeus Noa Concert

After your first playthrough, follow these steps:

  1. During the first mech battle analyze/scan the meteora’s thorn wave instead of reflecting it back to them. You can do this by activating the mirror generator, then holding out your hand in the middle. Here’s a video showing how to do it.
  2. Go to Noa’s concert (this won’t be active unless you’ve finished the game once).
  3. In the second mech battle, analyze the meteora’s thorn wave again.
  4. Sing to the humanoid meteora.
  5. During the third mech battle alongside the humanoid meteora, analyze the thorn wave again.
  6. Don’t shoot
  7. During the investigation phase, pick ‘inhibitor’ both times.

This will lead you down the ‘Noa’ route where the final choices will lead you to good/bad Noa endings. Feel free to watch them both.

Anima’s Ending

Altdeus Anima

For Anima’s ending, follow the same steps above (analyzing the meteora’s thorn wave) up until the investigation part.

During this part, give it ‘Noa doll’ and ‘Constellation chart.’

Then in phase 3, give it: Coco’s Ribbon, Coco’s singing and constellation chart.

This will lead you down the anima route which also has a good and bad end.

Coco’s Ending

Altdeus Coco

This is the ‘true’ ending.

To get Coco’s end, you must’ve unlocked both Noa’s end and Anima’s end AND you need to have watched all 4 dreams where you dream you’re a butterfly, bird, flower etc.

Here’s how to get the true ending:

Start at the very beginning and follow Noa’s ending until the investigation phase. This is important.

  • During the first investigation phase, choose any option other than ‘Noa doll’ and ‘inhibitor’ as those would lead down the Noa/Anima route.
  • Listen to patroclus
  • In the second investigation phase, pick ‘strawberry’
  • Bring a book
  • During the third investigation phase, bring a Dahlia.
  • Don’t use the inhibitor.
  • Talk to Noa
  • About Coco
  • Patroclus
  • Have them sing
  • In the next mecha battle, you’ll have to play like normal – if you fail to do the inputs, you’ll start again in the same battle.
  • For the final decision – it’s up to you.

If there’s an option we didn’t list here – it means it isn’t important and you can pick whatever you like.

This should lead you down the true ending. If you get lost or stuck, feel free to let us know and we’ll try and help: hello@vrheaven.io

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