Should You Buy The Quest 2 Elite Strap?

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If you want a short answer: 100% YES you should buy it. For $50 it’s a must have as it makes a big difference to your comfort.

In fact, I’d highly advise against buying the Quest 2 without this strap, as it’s very uncomfortable and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to wear it for longer than 30 minutes.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Review

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

There are two versions of the Elite Strap: one with a battery pack and one without.

The battery pack acts as a counterweight to alleviate the front-heaviness of the Quest, which makes it even more comfortable. It also extends battery life by 2-3 hours.

The battery bank version costs: $130

The standard strap costs: $50

Both of these options are amazing.

The original (free) strap that comes with the Quest 2 has very cheap, flimsy material that feels horrible on your head and does a poor job at distributing the weight.

Considering the Quest 2 is so cheap, they cut costs on the materials, but for an extra $50, the Quest 2 would still be $50 cheaper than the original Oculus Quest, so it’s still a great deal.

The difference in comfort between the Elite Strap and the stock strap is day and night. One I can’t wear for more than 15 minutes and the other I can wear for hours.

But which Elite strap do you go for? Is the battery pack worth the extra $80?

The battery pack version is slightly more comfortable than without the battery bank. However, you can get a counterweight for much cheaper.

If you’re just after comfort, you can buy a comfort mod counterweight for $30 OR you can even make your own counterweight for cheaper.

However, if the extra 2-3 hour battery life matters to you and you want the extra comfort, then go ahead and buy the battery pack version.

Hope you find that useful!

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