Which Oculus Quest 2 Should I get? 64 GB or 256 GB?

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Oculus Quest 2 just became available for pre-order with deliveries arriving on October 13!

But how much storage do you need?

It’s an extra $100 for 256 GB of storage, but is it worth it?

Short answer: 64 GB is more than enough for most people. You can save your $100 as 9/10 people probably won’t even use up the 64 GB. However if you’re a content creator who likes to record lots of stuff OR you store a lot of movies, then get the 256 GB version.

Oculus Quest 2 64 or 256 GB

How much space do games take?

In another post for the original Oculus Quest, I shared data about how big games were. In general, most games are 0.1-3 GB of space. The majority are actually under 1 GB.

The average game size is 800 MB, which means you can install 80 games at once! This is more than enough for most people.

However, for the Oculus Quest 2, is it any different? It’s got higher resolution and more processing power, so expect larger sized games to come out, however, you’ll still be able to store dozens of games with just 64 GB.

What About Movies?

Movies can be a lot bigger, especially 3D movies or HD movies which could take up 3-20 GB of space (most are in the 3-5 GB range).

If you want to store a lot of movies, go for the 256 GB Quest 2.

Content Creators

If you want to record gameplay, it’s stored on the Quest so that can take up more space, especially if you choose to record in high resolution.

It’s possible to be a content creator with the 64 GB version, but you’ll need to frequently delete or move the files to your computer.

However, both versions should allow you to record gameplay all day without running out of space. I’d recommend going with the bigger version though, because it is possible to run out of space if you install a lot of stuff and record lots of videos.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy the Oculus Quest 2?

Depending on your country and location, you may or may not find it in your local stores. If you’re from the US, you can find it at BestBuy.

But the best way to get it is either through Amazon or the official Oculus store.

In fact, October 13-14 is Amazon Prime day! Might be a good time to sign up for their 30 day free Prime membership to access their exclusive deals and free shipping.

What about the Elite Strap? Do you need it?

Yes it’s highly recommended. To find out why, I wrote about it here.

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