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June 7th, 2022

10 VR Concert Apps (2022)

Going into 2023, concerts in VR aren’t a huge trend right now despite its potential. Several developers have created VR concert apps, but none of them have really picked up steam.

Regardless, I’m a believer in VR concerts and expect the trend to pick up once color passthrough/augmented reality becomes more “mainstream.” With the introduction of Quest 2 Pro and Pico 4 – we’re going to start seeing some pretty cool concert apps.

Imagine – having avatars of your favorite band, performing in your own home.

But until then, here’s the current options we have:

10 VR Concert Apps

1. YouTube

By far, one of the better apps for watching VR concerts is YouTube. While watching a concert live on YouTube is somewhat rare, it is the platform where you will be able to find most recordings of previous events. Another thing that is worth pointing out for YouTube is that you can experience VR concerts with it no matter what kind of headset you own.

Here are a couple of amazing concerts that you can check out:

Youtube VR Concert

2. Horizon Venues

Horizon Venues (only available on Oculus devices) holds a plethora of events from sporting shows, tours/excursions and of course, concerts.

All different kinds of bands play in Horizon Venues ranging from small indie bands to household names. Most recently, Foo Fighters was playing there, although due to the influx of people, many had a hard time attending. Hopefully they fix this in the future.

3. ConcertVR

If you ever find yourself sold out on tickets in person, do not worry, as you will be able to catch them live with ConcertVR. This app is available on both AppStore and GooglePlay, and it offers both live and on-demand concerts. There are multiple camera angles available along with 360° Videos that provide a full concert-length experience.

4. CEEK Virtual Reality

If you were looking to transform your phone into a venue for a  VR concert arena, then CEEK Virtual Reality can help you do that. It offers 360 VR videos along with a few other formats like 180 VR and True 3D. With this app, you will not only be able to experience the concert but also the backstage and all access interviews.

CEEK Virtual Reality

5. Noys VR

One of the better apps that lets musicians connect with their fans through virtual reality is Noys VR. At the same time, most apps focus on replicating an already existing concert in 360 to VR, Noys VR creates concerts that are native to virtual reality, which provides a phenomenal experience.

Noys VR

6. #BeApp

If you want to join a concert in augmented reality over your phone, you can do that with the #BeApp. You will be getting a front-row seat with the perfect view, and in case you happen to miss the event the day it was live, you can usually catch it on a rerun within the next 24 hours.

7. Stageverse

While the apps before this one focused on concerts that feature artists in their true form, Stageverse spices things up a bit by enhancing the word virtual in virtual reality.

It does this by making every concert that occurs within this app completely animated.

Although you are able to attend all kinds of concerts in Stageverse, the main focus of the app is to serve as a Metaverse where you can connect with other people.


8. VRChat

An app that almost did not make it to the list is VRChat, and that is because the main focus is certainly not on concerts. It is an app where you can access thousands of different rooms where you can play games, relax, and even watch some TV shows and movies.

However, because it is one of the most popular VR apps, a lot of musicians are holding concerts on VRChat. This is especially the case for DJ sets, as the clubbing scene in VRChat is gaining rapid popularity.


Honorable Mentions


One of the few groups currently dedicated to making VR concerts – aimed at anime fans.

10. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos

Technically a story-driven game, but has one of the most spectactular anime concerts I have ever seen. It completely blew me away. If you’re into good stories as well as concerts – this is an awesome experience unlike any other. Unfortunately, there’s only 2 concerts throughout the whole story.

How to attend concerts in VR

For VRChat concerts, TubeVR is one of the biggest organizers of events, and you can check out their discord for all the necessary information:

They also have an incredible video on how you can join their VRChat events:

For mystery lovers:

Whispers of the Luminaries Banner

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