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July 9th, 2022

Keep Your Quest 2 Up To Date

Making sure your Quest 2 is up to date is essential if you want the device to work optimally. Quest 2 updates also often include new features that improve the quality of life for using the device, such as better tracking or guardian indicators, which is why you want to make sure you always have the latest available software.

How to Update Your Oculus Quest 2 (and Quest 3)

Both the Meta Quest 3 and 2 will use the same methods:

Step 1: Connect your Quest 2 to the internet

To see if an update is available for your Quest 2, it will have to be connected to the internet. You can connect to the Wi-Fi you use at home, but if you do not have Wi-Fi, you can also connect to your mobile phone’s hot spot. Here is how to do it:

1. On your Quest 2 controller, press the Oculus button to open the main menu.

Oculus Quest 2 Controller

2.  Select the menu part with the time, battery, Wi-Fi status, and then the Wi-Fi menu.

Oculus Quest 2 Menu 1

3.  Connect to your wireless connection by finding it in the list.

Step 2: Navigate through the settings to “Software Update”

Once your Quest 2 is connected to the internet, you can update it by finding the update button within the settings. Here is how to get to it:

1. Open the main menu again, but this time open the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon.

Oculus Quest 2 Menu 2

2. Go to “System”

Oculus Quest 2 Menu 3

3. Scroll down and enter the “Software Update” section. If the update is available, the “No Updates Available” will turn into “Update Now.”

Oculus Quest 2 Menu 4

Quest 2 Not Updating

If you have a friend who also owns a Quest 2, and they tell you how amazing the new Quest 2 update is even if you did not get it, do not worry. This is completely normal, as updates are gradually rolled out over time to users, and you might get your update a bit later.

Forcing an update with your hotspot

There are ways to go around this, and force the update by switching from the current internet connection to a hotspot on your phone, and here is how you can do it:

  1. Turn on the hotspot on your phone
  2. Go to picking a wi-fi connection on your Quest 2
  3. Pick your phone’s hotspot (it is usually named after your phone
  4. Check if you have an update available
  5. Switch back to your regular internet connection for a faster update

If you are having trouble with these steps, you can follow an amazing tutorial by VR Quickie:

Fixing an update that is stuck

Sometimes the update might be visible, and while you can start downloading and installing it, at one point, it can just get stuck. There are a few things that you can do in order to fix this:

  1. Plug in your Quest 2 to your charger
  2. Let it charge for at least 30 minutes
  3. The updates should resume while the update is charging.
  4. If the updates are still not resuming within an hour, you should reboot your Quest 2, and that should fix the problem.
  5. In rare cases, you might not have enough storage space on your Quest 2, so you might have to remove an app to install an update if it is a bigger update.

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