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How to Open the Quest 2 Controllers:

How to Open Quest 2 Controllers

To open your Quest 2 controllers, you’ll need to slide the cover down as shown in the diagram above.

Sometimes the cover is very hard to open as it is secured very tighly in place. In these situations, you might need to use a lot of force. As long as it’s just sliding force, you won’t break the controller.

It helps to have one hand sliding the cover, whilst the other hand pushing from the top.

Once the cover is opened, you can replace or recharge the batteries. The original batteries are NOT rechargeable.

Which Batteries Should I Use For the Quest 2 Controllers?

You’ll need two double A batteries: one for each controller.

I recommend buying some rechargeable batteries.

The ones I use is the Panasonic AA Eneloop charger with comes with 4 batteries:

Panasonic Eneloop Charger

It has very long battery life and I only need to recharge them every few months.

The pack has 4 batteries, so you can rotate 2 and 2 which is very convenient.