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January 4th, 2024

BoboVR M3 Pro vs Kiwi Design Elite Strap

Both the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 can be quite uncomfortable, but luckily, getting a third party strap can solve most the issues. But which one is more comfortable: the BoboVR M3 or Kiwi Design Elite Strap?

They both are an upgrade from the stock strap, and they both have their pros and cons, but here’s a quick answer:

BoboVR vs. Kiwi Design Elite Strap: Which One is Better?

The better headstrap will depend on which apps you use in VR and your head shape. In general:

  • If you’re prone to headaches, avoid the BoboVR strap
  • If you play games requiring head movement e.g. first person shooters, boxing or fitness, then get the Kiwi strap
  • If you’re planning on getting a battery strap, get the Kiwi strap, or the official Elite Strap
  • If you want less pressure on your cheeks, but more on your forehead, consider the Bobo
  • If you mainly play sims or watch movies in VR, then consider the Bobo

Overall, I recommend the Kiwi Design comfort strap over the BoboVR M3 for most people.

This post applies to both the Bobo and Kiwi Design straps for both the Quest 2 and 3 – as they are nearly identical in terms of comfort.

Differences Between BoboVR and Kiwi Design

1. BoboVR M3 Removes Pressure From Your Cheeks

With the BoboVR strap, all the pressure is alleviated from your cheeks.

You can even wear the headset without the facial interface touching your cheeks, and some people remove it entirely, although this means more light leakage into the headset.

Kiwi Design can alleviate some pressure from your cheeks, but not all.

2. BoboVR M3 Puts All the Pressure on Your Forehead

BoboVR M3 Pro

Instead of the pressure on your cheeks, the halo strap design of the BoboVR M3 puts almost all the pressure on your forehead and the back of your head. A small % of the pressure is taken by the top of your head (from the knobs on the strap).

This can be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.

Most people consider it a good thing, however, if you’re prone to headaches, having more pressure on the top of your head and forehead can wreck you. I’d avoid the Bobo or any halo strap if you think you’re prone to headaches.

However, if you’re getting cheek discomfort and prefer the pressure to be on your forehead instead of your cheeks, then you’ll find the BoboVR to be the most comfortable headstrap.

3. Kiwi Design Distributes the Weight More Evenly Around Your Head

For those who prefer a more even distribution of weight, you’ll certainly find the Kiwi Design strap more comfortable. It cups the back of your head much better than both the stock strap and the BoboVR M3, creating more friction at the back of your head, and reducing weight at the front.

Kiwi Design comfort strap diagram

The top strap also distributes more of the weight along the top of your head. There’ll still be some forehead and cheek pressure, but not as much as the stock strap.

Overall, if you’re unsure, this is the safe option, because some people buy the BoboVR strap and realize they get headaches/pain from it, due to the pressure on the top of their head.

For me personally, I like both straps in terms of comfort. They’re both a massive improvement from the stock strap, however, Kiwi Design is slightly more comfortable for me.

Note, I also use a softer face padding mod which greatly helps with the comfort.

4. Kiwi Design Keeps the Headset More Stable

This is the biggest reason why I prefer the Kiwi Design strap over BoboVR’s. I use my Quest 3 as a fitness device daily, on top of playing VR boxing (Thrill of the Fight) and first person shooter games. The Bobo strap wobbles around so much more, making it annoying to play these games.

Furthermore, I also noticed the Bobo strap starts to slip down your head over time (due to the front-heaviness), forcing me to have to add a counterweight to the back. This adds more weight and strain to your neck.

However, if you like playing simulators or games that don’t require much head movement, then the BoboVR M3 could be the better strap for you.

For me personally, I play a lot of games that require fast head movement, so I’m sticking with my Elite Strap.

5. Kiwi Design is Easier to Use

Once you’ve set up the straps, Kiwi Design is a little more convenient to put on. All you have to do is put it on and adjust the knob at the back.

Meanwhile BoboVR is a bit more complicated to put on, since there’s more adjustable components.

6. Kiwi Design’s Battery Strap is Superior

Kiwi Design’s battery strap supplies enough power output to keep my Quest 3 charged 100% whilst playing, meanwhile the BoboVR M3 strap isn’t powerful enough. Your battery % will decrease even while charging.

Furthermore, some units of the BoboVR M3 Pro have been reported to have a buzzing sound, which can draw you out of immersion.

This doesn’t matter if you own a Quest 2, which requires less power draw, but if you own a Quest 3 and considering a battery strap, either get the official Elite Strap or the Kiwi Design one.

I get about 4-5 hrs extra playtime with the Kiwi Design battery strap, depending on the app I’m using.

Quest 3 Kiwi Design Comfort Strap

Overall: Kiwi Design Wins

There seems to be a lot of hype about the BoboVR M3, moreso than the Kiwi Design strap, however, I gotta disagree with the hype. Most people have only tried one strap and can’t compare them, but for me, the Kiwi Design strap was definitely an upgrade.

If you play fitness games, first person shooters or games that require head movement, you should almost definitely get the Kiwi Design Elite Strap. If you want to make things more comfortable, you can even get a facial interface replacement – this replaces the stock face padding with a softer, leather face padding. I highly recommend it.

However, if cheek discomfort is the issue for you and you prefer the pressure to be on your forehead, then you’ll find the BoboVR M3 to be more comfortable.

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