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May 29th, 2022

50 VR Tours and Excursions

If you ever wondered what a particular location would look like from a closer perspective, virtual reality can provide you with that magic. 

Virtual reality offers a plethora of free VR tours and excursions for you to try and we’ve compiled a list of 50 of them!

These tours or excursions are great for young children, students, teacher or those just want to explore the world.

In order to view these VR tours, you’ll need a VR headset such as a Google Cardboard or Oculus Quest. Whilst the Quest 2 is one of the best viewing experience, Google Cardboards are extremely cheap ($10-15) and can be bought for entire classrooms. 

Most of these tours can also be viewed from a computer, although it won’t have the same immersion.

VR Tours of Cities

1. Paris 360° Experience

The city of romance, Paris, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. For those who did not have the opportunity to see all the essential sights that the city can offer, this video does a decent job of making you feel like you are right there.

VR Paris tour

2. Walk in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Japan has a lot of interesting locations, but getting to experience Tokyo like you are walking down its popularized streets during the daytime in VR is something that we can highly recommend to anyone.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan virtual tour

3. London 360° Experience

One of the most popular cities for its historic buildings in London, and in this 360 experience, you will get to see all of the important ones like the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and many others.

VR London tour

4. Pilgrimage: A 21st Century Journey Through Mecca and Medina

Photographer Luca Locatelli travels to Mecca and Medina during umrah, which is a minor pilgrimage. During this documentary, you will get to see both the culture of people and architecture in Saudi Arabia.

mecca and medina

5. New York City 8K – VR 360 Drive

There are many ways that one can experience the big apple, but one of the best ways is by enjoying sitting back and enjoying the ride, which is exactly what this 360 VR video is all about.

New York City 360 tour

6. Ancient city of Petra, Jordan. Aerial 360 video in 8K

Seeing Petra in person might be an amazing experience, but an even better one is seeing it from the bird’s perspective while the narrator tells you everything about it.

Ancient city of Petra 8K 360 tour

7. Holy Land, Jerusalem

Exploring the Holy Land in VR is a breathtaking experience, especially when you get to choose which location you want to see first.


8. A London City Guided Tour – 360 VR Video

We already mentioned London, but this one takes a different approach. You will experience not only the city sights but also some less popular locations that have that unique London charm.

London City 360 online tour

9. Discover Bangkok: A Guided City Tour

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is full of spectacular locations and experiencing them while getting an excellent guided tour in VR is fantastic.

Bangkok virtual guided tour

10. 4K 360° New York City: Evening Walk to Times Square – 42nd Street from Columbus Circle

If driving around New York was not your thing in the video we mentioned earlier, then you can take a relaxing walk in this VR video that goes through 42nd Street.

New York City Time Square virtual tour

VR Excursions

11. Great Wall of China Virtual Excursion

In this VR experience, you get to walk on the Great Wall of China while having the option to receive narration from a tour guide.

Great Wall of China excursion

12. 360° Travel inside the Great Pyramid of Giza

Exploring the pyramids is one of the most exciting ideas that one can have, and while doing so in practice might be impossible, it is possible in this fantastic VR tour from BBC.

Great Pyramid of Giza virtual excursion


In this VR experience, you will get to take your own tour through Petra while receiving narration on all of its important parts.

Petra Street View

14. The Taj Mahal Virtual Experience

Everyone knows how beautiful the Taj Mahal is, but seeing it in 2D and in VR are completely different experiences. In this video, you will get to see this amazing architecture from some of the best angles.

Taj Mahal

15. Raphael’s Rooms

If you are looking for a VR tour where you can see some of the most beautiful wall paintings in the world, then checking out Raphael’s Rooms is a must.

Raphael’s Rooms

16. Sistine Chapel

Another fantastic example of art is the walls and the architecture of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. You will find yourself staring at these walls for hours to catch all the exquisite details.

Sistine Chapel

17.  Salone Sistino

This is the last part of the Vatican that we are going to mention on our list, and that is the Salone Sistino.  No words can describe its beauty, and the same can be said for anything within the Musei Vaticani.

Salone Sistino

18. Farm Food 360 Tour – Sheep

If you were wondering what a sheep farm looks like, then this VR tour video will give you a great insight into it.

Farm virtual excursion

19. Hawai’i Volcanoes

In this experience provided by Google Arts & Culture, you get to see and learn about the Hawai’i Volcanoes.

Hawaii Volcanoes

20. Grand Canyon VR Video

Matt Rowell takes you on a quick tour of the Grand Canyon, giving you the view of some of the most beautiful parts while also showing you what other tourists are up to.

grand canyon

21. Inside Auschwitz

While it is one of the most horrific locations on the planet, it is also one of the most important ones in history. In this VR video, you will get a quick tour of Auschwitz more than 70 years after its liberation.

Auschwitz tour

22. Istanbul – 360 VR Tour by VR Masters

As you listen to some relaxing tunes, you get to see some of the most iconic locations that Istanbul has to offer.


23. Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour

We already featured London in two videos, but this VR tour is a bit different, as you get to choose how you explore Buckingham Palace from the inside.

Buckingham Palace tour

VR Tours of the World

24. Palace of Versailles in Google Street View

The Palace of Versailles is absolutely astonishing in virtual reality, especially when you can see it in such a high-quality thanks to Google Street View.

Palace of Versailles Google Street View

25. The People’s House – Inside the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama

There is no better way to experience the tour of the White House other than to get a VR tour from former President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. In our opinion, getting a personal tour like this in VR is maybe even better than seeing it in real life.

White House VR Tour

26. Kendall Jenner Takes You On A 360° Tour Of Her Closet

There are many experiences where you can get a tour of the supermodel’s closet, but the one that started the series is the one by Kendall Jenner. If you are curious about what a supermodel’s wardrobe looks like, you can see it in a 360-view and a very-high-resolution.

kendall jenner VR

27. A Virtual Reality Tour Of Six REAL Exoplanets

While some of us are lucky enough to explore space in person, most of us will never get that opportunity. In this VR experience, you will get to see six actual exoplanets and explanations of what they are from passionate scientists.

VR space tour

28. What Happens Inside Your Body?

Our body is quite complicated, but it is something that gets everyone’s interest. While this VR tour does not cover everything, it covers a few interesting things about our bodies, as if you were flying in a micro-ship inside it.

organ in VR

29. Disney Castle Roller Coaster

Disney Land is one of the most popular places for people to enjoy all kinds of rides. If you haven’t gotten to experience them in real life because they are not nearby or because you are afraid of real rides, trying out this one, even if it is not based on a real ride, it will definitely sate your hunger for that Disney experience.

Disney Land in VR

30. Seaworld Orlando

A fantastic tour through Seaworld in Orlando can be experienced in VR, and it is almost as good as you are there in person. You get to see some of the most iconic locations with static and motion content.

31. The Son Doong Cave

Descent into the Son Doong Cave and see the magnificent earth relief that nature created.


32. Ljubljana 360 Degree Sightseeing

Ljubljana offers some fine architecture, and you can see it in person through your VR headset, even if it is as simple as Google Cardboard.

Ljubljana 360 Sightseeing

33. Google Data Center 360° Tour

Have you ever wondered what the Google Data Center looks like? One would imagine it to be huge, right? In this video, you will get a tour of the complex, so you will no longer have to imagine it!

Google Data Center 360 Tour

34. Maldives VR 360

One of the most relaxing places to go on vacation is the Maldives. If you were wondering what the place looks like before going there, this is the perfect video to give you a quick tour of the islands.

Maldives VR tour

35. Inside Look at UN General Assembly

The UN is one of the most important things in the world, and if you were wondering what the room where all of the nations meet looks like, this video will provide you with not only the visuals but also a tour given by the President of the General Assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande.

Inside the UN assembly

36. 360 Virtual Reality Egg Grading and Processing Tour

Take a tour through a fascinating facility where you get to learn all about egg grading and processing with great narration.

Factory excursion

VR Museum Tours

37. The Van Gogh Museum

Another museum in Amsterdam that you can experience in virtual reality is the one devoted to the famous artist Van Gogh. You get to see all of his work from a close perspective like you are there in person.

 The Van Gogh Museum

38. Smithsonian

If you ever wanted to take a tour through the world’s largest museum in person, this experience in VR is almost identical to it. Explore everything that our planet has to offer with your own route.


39. Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is a fantastic place to sightsee, especially in VR. There are numerous paintings and sculptures to check out from a very close perspective.


40. The National Aquarium

Go on an excursion through the National Aquarium and see all the mysteries that it has to offer.

The National Aquarium excursion

41. Lane Motor Museum

If you are a fan of motorized vehicles, then checking out this museum which has the largest European collection in the US with 150 unique cars and motorcycles, is a must.

Lane Motor Museum

42. Boston Children’s Museum

While you cannot get to experience all of the toys that the Boston Children’s Museum has to offer in virtual reality, you at least get to see them.

Online excursion for children

43. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In New York, the United States, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a lot of things to offer, and you can learn about various historical artifacts as you walk through the museum in virtual reality.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

44. Colonial Williamsburg

As you enjoy some classical music, take a tour through Colonial Williamsburg and enjoy all the most delicate historical pieces that it has to offer.

Colonial Williamsburg

45. Petite Galerie

You can now enjoy the Louvre at home, where you can see masterpieces that this museum has to offer in virtual reality.

Petite Galerie

VR Tours of National Parks and Nature

46. Lions 360° | National Geographic

The National Geographic Explorer Martin Edström managed to capture one of the best VR experiences where you get a 360 view of the beautiful savannah while following the life of Gibson, the lion, and his mother.

safari lions 360 excursion

47. 360° Underwater National Park

In this 360 video, you will follow the National Geographic photographer Brian Skerry as he explores the Buck Island Reef, which is America’s first protected marine monument.

Scuba diving in VR

48. Thai Islands: A Guided Tour

Southeast Asia is full of beautiful locations, and in this VR video, you will get to see some of them while receiving a guided tour.

Thai Islands virtual tour


Okinawa has one of the most beautiful underwater locations in the world, and this video certainly makes the experience feel as real as possible. Just try not to get spooked by the big stingray!

Okinawa Scuba Diving 360 experience

50. Machu Picchu VR tour

As you immerse yourself in virtual reality, you get to explore Machu Picchu, one of the most beautiful and popular tourist locations on the planet.

Machi Picchu online excursion

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