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April 22nd, 2023

VR Demographics (Age and Gender)

Over a million people have visited VR Heaven and today I’m sharing my visitor stats with you all!

Traffic Info

Most people who visit VR Heaven come through search engines. For example:

There is minimal bias when it comes to gender, but there will be a slight bias when it comes to age.

VR Users by Gender

Interestingly, the number of women who use VR is close to 25%: 

VR Gender Statistics

  • 76.7% of VR users are male
  • 23.3% of VR users are female

The female audience was much higher than I expected.

I’ve also noticed this number slowly growing over time.

VR Users by Age

This data doesn’t include people of under 18 years of age. 

It’s expected that there is a large amount of users under 18 years old – as clearly evident in games like Rec Room and Gorilla Tag.

VR Age Statistics

  • 34.58% of VR users are aged 18-24
  • 28.03% are aged 25-34
  • 19.04% are 35-44
  • 10.74% are 45-54
  • 4.56% are 55-64
  • 3.05% are 65+