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May 12th, 2022

30 Companies Investing In The Metaverse

Companies investing in the metaverse

The concept of a Metaverse has been known to us for quite a while, but the technology to actually support it was not there. Arguably, that is still their case. However, the technology advanced far enough for various companies to get some interest in the Metaverse and to invest in it so they can have the edge over others once it becomes mainstream.

What is the Metaverse?

The easiest way to explain the Metaverse is to simply imagine it as some kind of cyberspace or virtual space per se. It is a virtual reality where anything is possible and where the rules are different than the ones we are used to in real life.

It is important to say that the Metaverse is not one shared universe; there are many of them. At least that is the current situation. In fact, while a lot of people assume that the Metaverse is only in virtual reality, that is not entirely true, as technically, any graphical space can be considered a Metaverse.

If you are controlling a character of some sort, where you can play, work, or just observe the environment and relax, it is a Metaverse. Of course, it is best experienced when you are the character you are controlling by entering a Metaverse with a virtual reality headset.

Which Companies Are Investing In The Metaverse?

There are dozens of companies that are investing in the Metaverse, but these are the biggest ones:


Nissan and other automative companies are one of the first to adopt VR marketing into their campaigns, creating their own virtual worlds where people can enter to view and test-drive their cars.

Nissan created a virtual car dealership in VRChat based on the famous “Nissan Crossing” which is a city landmark in Tokyo that showcases Nissan vehicles.


It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest companies in the world, Alphabet, aka. Google & Youtube is interested in the Metaverse. These two platforms are probably the ones that have the most use in the world, and them investing in the infrastructure of the Metaverse is an expected move.

Meta (Facebook)

Probably one of the most popular companies when it comes to investing in the Metaverse is Meta, which was previously known as Facebook (they also own Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, and many others).

Considering that they have one of the most popular virtual reality devices on the market, the Meta Quest 2 (previously known as Oculus Quest 2), many would consider that they are the leaders in creating the Metaverse. This is especially the case after their announcement in October 2021.


One company that has its hands in pretty much anything that is related to graphics is Nvidia, and with that said, it is only natural that they are involved in the Metaverse. While not directly involved in creating the Metaverse, the technology that Nvidia is developing plays a crucial role in its potential success.


When it comes to Metaverse stocks, Roblox is one of the most valuable ones. Many do not know that this company has existed since 2006, and a lot of people still think that it is just a random game for kids, but they are, in fact,  serious players when it comes to Metaverse investments.


Companies that control any kind of social media are bound to find themselves investing in the Metaverse, as it is the ultimate virtual socializing and AR platform.


Now, where do we even begin with Microsoft? While they have always been innovators behind modern technologies, mostly with their Windows OS, they have also been very involved in gaming since the early 2000s.

While most are familiar that they are the company behind XBOX, the latest acquisition when it comes to gaming is the one of Activision Blizzard.

Considering the value of their stock, as well as the technologies and intellectual property they have under their name, Microsoft’s Metaverse Mesh is one of the most anticipated things to come.

Adobe Systems

One of the most popular companies revolving around video and image editing, is interested in the Metaverse? Who would have thought, right?

Jokes aside, it is quite exciting that someone like Adobe Systems is interested in the Metaverse, especially one that they are hyping up as “an immersive, realistic experience.”


Another company that is interested in investing in the infrastructure of the Metaverse is Cloudflare. It is a company that specializes in content delivery and DDOS mitigation.


If there is a program that is capable of creating all kinds of interesting shenanigans, it has to be Unity, and it is very exciting that they are interested in giving users the tools to create a digital twin of the real environment.

Metaverse Minute already has some projects in store, such as Samsung’s digital twin store, Rezzil’s training app, Hyundai’s Meta-Factory, Dress-X & H&M collaboration, and Fetal Heart VR.


When it comes to creating stores on the internet, Shopify is one of the most successful companies in doing it right. While they are not prone to visual tech and gaming like other Metaverse investors, they have dabbled into the NFT trend.


A company behind semiconductors, software, and various services related to wireless technology by the name of Qualcomm recently started a Snapdragon Metaverse Fund where they plan to invest $100 million into extended reality (XR).

Epic Games

One of the biggest companies when it comes to video games, naturally has its hand in the Metaverse investments, and the way they did might be unexpected by many, as it involves The LEGO Group.

These two companies have partnered up to create a Metaverse where people can meet, play, work, learn, and do all kinds of other things. Considering LEGO is involved, will everything be made out of bricks? We will have to wait and see.


Being one of the leading developers of consumer electronics, smartphones, and 5G tech, it makes sense that this giant telecommunications company is interested in the Metaverse.

Their first involvement was last year when they revealed the Starlight Tower app, which is an AR game similar to Pokemon Go. However, their much bigger involvement is the one from January 2022, where they launched a demo of a 3D-mapping technology that is known as Cyberverse.

Many analysts think that this technology is going to be the backbone of the Huawei Metaverse product, and they are probably right.


It is hard to imagine a Metaverse where Niantic is not involved, as they are the pioneers of the thing that most people experienced to one. We are, of course, referring to Pokemon Go, the augmented reality game where you can chase Pokemon all around the world.


If we had told you that Alibaba, one of the biggest companies from China related to online shopping, has been interested in the Metaverse since 2016, would you believe us?

As surprising as that sounds, it is actually true, as they invested in augmented-reality Magic Leap back in 2016. In May 2021, they also revealed their first celebrity idol, Ayayi, which is a digitally generated AI-powered character; pretty neat.

Another thing about Alibaba that a lot of people might not know is that online shopping is not the only thing they are popular for. Next to Microsoft and Amazon, Alibaba is the third-largest provider of cloud computing with its platform called Cloud Mirror.

Recently, they also trademarked “Ali Metaverse” as well as “Taobao Metaverse,” showing just how dedicated they are to the idea of the Metaverse being the future.


While many are familiar with Google as their search engine, in China, Baidu is king. In December 2021, they launched Xirang (Land of Hope), which is “the first Chinese-made Metaverse product.”

Unfortunately, Xirang flopped dramatically at the time, and CGTN claimed it to be a terrible experience, but not all beginnings are perfect when it comes to the Metaverse.


TikTok is one of the biggest apps in the world, and its parent company ByteDance is taking on Huawei and Baidu with their Metaverse app called Party Island. Even if the company denies that it is a “Metaverse” app, looking at what it does, it certainly is one.


After Tencent(who owns Epic Games), NetEase is the other gaming giant from China. Blockchain technology, cloud gaming, VR, AR, and AI are the Metaverse-related fields that they are more than just familiar with.

NetEase’s AI section released a system called Yaotai in August 2021. This is like Zoom but in VR! In 2022, they plan to take an even bigger step into the Metaverse by launching its own user-generating content platform.


The creators behind Genshin Impact, MiHoYo is a huge backer of Soul, the social networking app aimed at China’s generation Z audience.

MiHoYo is quite passionate about its virtual world, as it would like to create something that can be inhabited by 1 billion people by 2030.

Lilith Games

AFK Arena and Rise of Kingdoms are just two of many games created by Lilith Games. The company recently started developing its own Metaverse and, due to that situation, is opening various job positions.


The consumer electronics giant that is often compared to Apple is also planning to dabble in the Metaverse. They will be doing so via mobile payment systems designed for the Metaverse, and it is believed that Xiaomi’s investment in the VR company Sky Limit Entertainment is related to this.

Intel Corporation

Seeing how the Metaverse is a gigantic win for chipmakers like Intel, it is not a surprise that the company is showing some interest by being behind its infrastructure development.


If something exists, there is a high chance that Amazon is going to try and expand into it, and the Metaverse is no different.  The way they are doing it is with the launch of their 3D web game called “AWS Cloud Ques.”

It is a role-playing game that helps people solve real tech problems through the cloud. Being an education cool, this is quite an interesting involvement in the Metaverse.


Streaming platforms are becoming quite popular recently, and one of the biggest ones, Netflix, is expanding into everything it can, including the Metaverse.

When it comes to Metaverse Netflix, the potential is quite huge, as it is an idea of a virtual reality cinema where you can watch whatever you want.

Sony Group Corporation

Sony is known to be interested in a lot of things, and Metaverse is certainly one of those things. Partnering up with the LEGO group, they have invested $2B into Epic games in order to build the Metaverse.


Owning all kinds of IPs, it is no surprise that Nintendo is interested in the Metaverse. They have officially stated that they are not interested in creating one until the technology is there, but looking at how they already tried incorporating VR with the Switch with Labo VR, it might be sooner than one might think.

The Walt Disney Company

“Next-Generation Storytelling” is what Disney is calling the Metaverse, which is quite optimistic. In February 2022, Mike White, a former theme park executive was designated to lead their Metaverse strategy, which shows just how serious Disney is taking this topic.

Take-Two Interactive Software

Many would argue that TTIS already has a Metaverse as they are the parent company behind the creators of games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

However, while those games are great, the company claims that the games are still going towards that term, and they proclaimed themselves as “probably the biggest metaverse company on Earth.”

Metaverse Stocks To Watch

Planning to invest in the Metaverse? Then these are the companies whose stock you might keep an eye on.

Company Metaverse sector Market value
Nvidia (NVDA) Infrastructure $745 billion
Roblox (RBLX) Virtual platform $47.5 billion
Meta (FB) Hardware and apps $934.3 billion
Microsoft (MSFT) Software $2.5 trillion
Shopify (SHOP) Payment services $193.5 billion

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why are companies investing in the Metaverse?

Since the Metaverse is being built as an alternative digital world where customers and consumers can own and interact with digital products, those who invest in the Metaverse will have an early edge over other companies, just like those who took their business online when the internet opened up to most of the world.

What companies investing in the Metaverse are good for investing?

These are the top metaverse stocks to buy:

  • Roblox
  • Match Group
  • Unity
  • Microsoft
  • Meta
  • Nvidia
  • Roblox
  • Shopify

Can you invest in competing companies?

While it is not illegal to do so, it is considered unethical to invest in competing companies.

Can you make money from the Metaverse?

There are various ways to make money from the Metaverse, such as investing, trading, playing play-to-earn games, virtual clothing, online partying, and dealing real estate…

What are the biggest companies in the Metaverse?

Microsoft and Meta are the biggest companies in the Metaverse as of 2022.

When will the Metaverse be launched?

The unified Metaverse that most people dream of is not going to release in the future, but some Metaverse software is already available, and a lot of it, such as the Microsoft Mesh, is going to launch in 2022.