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Whispers of the Luminaries is a detective mystery set in the heart of idol entertainment biz, where you dive into corruption, backroom deals and behind-the-scenes drama. In this visual novel, you get to choose how to hang out, make friends, and unwind over coffee, or focus on unraveling the mystery. Can you maintain the safety of your town?


Idol Charm Meets Detective Grit & Suspense

May Ayano


Taichi Fukuda

Play as Taichi Fukuda – a 19 year old detective working under the wing of Eiji Hoshiko, a world renowned detective known for solving the country’s toughest cases. Your agency is hired to take on a case involving the idol’s disappearance, days before her eagerly awaited concert.

As you dive into the case, a sinister underbelly of corruption within the idol industry reveals itself, accompanied by a chilling presence lurking in the shadows.

With each revelation, you’ll be drawn further into the twisted world of the entertainment industry, where fame and fortune come at a deadly cost.

Will you be able to find the missing idol?
Will you be able to protect those you love?


1. Choose How to Spend Your Free Time

  • Hang out at a bar, gym or park and meet different characters at these locations
  • Or focus on unraveling the mystery in your office and track down the culprit.

map UI

The choice is yours – but be warned – every choice matters and it’s up to you to bring the culprit to justice.

2. Keep Track of Important Dates

Calendar Menu UI

3. Make Friends

Starlight Sip

Spend time and become close to the characters.

What you say matters, and will greatly influence whether the character likes you or not.

This isn’t a game where you can say anything and expect to get away with it.

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4. Manage Your Stats

Don’t let your health fall too low or your stress go too high. Solving the case is important, but is it more important than your own life?

Stats Screen UI

5. Explore a Branching Storyline Where Every Choice Matters

Our goal is to create a story that’ll be different on each play-through.

Two players playing this will experience their own unique versions of the story:

  • Dozens of endings
  • Every choice matters
  • Randomized events during free-time

branching dialogue choices

6. Relax and Enjoy the Story

Miyuki Fujikawa

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong way to play the game.

You can focus on being a detective, or enjoy your daily interactions with other characters.

How the story plays out is up to you.

Development Status:

  • Demo release: August 2023
  • Full Game: March 2023

We are nearing demo release and currently waiting for some character designs.

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