VR Anime Online

Looking to play an online VR anime game like Sword Art Online? We get asked these types of questions everyday (about how to play or watch VR anime online). So let’s talk about that for second.

How Do I Play VR Anime Online?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any online VR anime games, but we’re in the process of making the first one! Hopefully we’ll have something to announce in early 2020.

Sword Art Online has also been announced to come out in VR, but that’s for Japan and Korea. Don’t expect any time soon in the West.

We know virtual reality anime games are in high demand, especially one that has online functionality, so we’re making your wishes come true! You guys deserve a totally awesome online VR anime game.

Once we feel ready, we’ll make an announcement to our subscribers. You can follow development by subscribing to the VR Heaven newsletter:

Follow development of the first VR Anime Online Game

Early sign ups will also receive a bonus cosmetic when the game comes out 🙂

    How Do I Watch VR Anime With Friends?

    You can watch VR anime together with friends by joining the VR Anime Society and using the Bigscreen VR app.

    Bigscreen allows you to watch movies on a movie screen with friends or by yourself. It’ll be like going to the cinemas, or going to your friend’s house to watch movies/anime.

    VR Anime Society hosts anime viewing sessions on Bigscreen and allows you to find new people to watch with through their Discord channel.

    How Do I Watch 3D VR Anime?

    Unfortunately, there aren’t any 3D anime out there right now. We’ll update this page as soon as one comes out.

    Keep an eye out for Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (Teasing Master Takagi-San) which was crowdfunded and expected to come out in 3D VR. The release date is yet to be announced.

    Whilst there are no 3D anime available, some games allow you to experience anime in 3D. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ones.

    3D Anime Experiences on VR

    • Tokyo Chronos is the most notable story-driven 3D anime experience on VR. It’s more of a visual novel than an anime, but the characters are animated and it contains several cutscenes. 
    • VRChat is the closest thing to an VR anime online game. People role-play as anime characters in this game.
    • Spice and Wolf VR is exactly how an anime experience would feel like on VR. It’s still feels more like a tech demo than an actual game and the story leaves much to be desired. But if you’re a Spice and Wolf fan or just want to experience what anime feels like in VR, then give this game a go.
    • There are several anime dating sims on VR.
    • Check out our list of VR anime games as well.