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January 3rd, 2024

The Top 15 VR Anime Games Right Now

The realm of virtual reality has opened up new dimensions for us anime lovers, and I’m super excited to bring you the top 15 VR anime games that are totally sugoi awesome right now!

Here are the best 15 VR anime games I’ve found. There really isn’t that many right now, but I promise these are the best ones:

1. Sphere Toon – Comics & Manga Designed for VR

Sphere Toon VR anime

I love this app so much! Sphere Toon is an app on the Meta Quest Store, It’s a small collection of comics/manga developed for the virtual reality format (immersive 360° world).

The stories are extremely short 5-10 minutes long each, so I can’t spoil anything. All I’ll say is the app is free, and you’re in for quite the ride :) So go check it out!

2. Deemo Reborn – Beautiful Music + Heartfelt Story

Made by the same developer as Cytus (a popular mobile rhythm game), Deemo is an incredibly beautiful, heartfelt story that now supports VR (both SteamVR and PSVR).

Deemo is a rhythm game set to the absolutely enchanting melodies from the Deemo soundtrack, where you solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a mysterious castle. Those who love great music and an emotional story will love this game.

The downsides are it’s only available on Steam and PSVR, and the rhythm gameplay isn’t well designed for VR, however, it’s one of the most beautiful anime experiences in VR! If you have a computer for VR, this is a must-have!

3. Tokyo Chronos – Mystery Visual Novel in VR


Tokyo Chronos is an intriguing and immersive VR visual novel game that offers a unique experience blending elements of mystery, science fiction, and character-driven storytelling. Set in a deserted version of Shibuya, the game plunges players into a surreal environment where time seems to have stopped, and the familiar cityscape takes on a hauntingly beautiful quality.

The game’s strengths lie in its expertly crafted mystery. The story got so intriguing that I got to a point where I couldn’t put it down until I know what happens.

If you’re a fan of anime, this game is a must-have!

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4. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos – VR Anime Mecha Battles

Altdeus Beyond Chronos True Ending Guide

Altdeus is the sequel to Tokyo Chronos and it manages to surpass its predecessor in almost every way – offering a mindblowing anime experience. I still think the first’s story was slightly better, but the gameplay, music, mech battles were so awesome in this one.

The story of Altdeus: Beyond Chronos is set 300 years after the events of Tokyo Chronos, in a post-apocalyptic Earth. Players step into the shoes of Chloe, a member of an elite military unit known as Prometheus. The plot revolves around the ongoing conflict with the aliens, known as the Meteora, but it’s the personal stories and the intricate relationships between the characters that drive the narrative.

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5. Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate – Detective Mystery


The third installment of the Chronos games (yes I love these)! This one comes in three episodes.

The game is set in an artificial marine city called Astrum Close, where crime is almost non-existent due to a system called Augmented Dreaming (AD), which shares citizens’ feelings in a dream state.

Players take on the role of Hal Scion, an amnesiac tasked with investigating a murder. The gameplay includes free movement, direct object handling, and unique features like scanning items to witness past events. This first episode sets the stage with a mix of investigation, puzzle-solving, and courtroom-style presentation of evidence.

Compared to its predecessors, Episode 1 offers a more involved gameplay experience with improved VR interactivity. Players can influence select events and have more freedom in navigating the story​.

6. Innocent Forest 1 & 2 – Short Stories in VR

Innocent Forest

Also developed by MyDearest, Innocent Forest is a series consisting of two visual novel games that blend traditional storytelling with virtual reality technology. It’s more of a “novel” than “visual novel” and the story is quite short (20-30 minutes), but still worth experiencing if you enjoy anime stories.

The game can only be played through PCVR (see: How to Connect Quest 3 to PC), so it recents a decent computer to run it. Luckily it’s not the most graphically intensive game.

7. ALTAIR BREAKER – Online VR Anime Battles

ALTAIR BREAKER is a game offering a fast-paced sword combat experience, set on a sky island where players battle against Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS).

The art direction resembles Sword Art Online, and ALTAIR BREAKER is designed for cooperative play with up to four players. Although you can enter a lobby with many other players – just like in SAO.

The game is super exciting at first – it feels like you’re actually playing Sword Art Online, but eventually, it lacks content to keep the experience engaging for more than a few hours.

8. Zenith: The Last City – Anime VR MMORPG

Zenith is a VR anime MMORPG that has received plenty of updates since coming out. It’s reminiscent of classic MMORPGs like EverQuest, but with VR-specific features like sensitive gliding and gesture-based casting adding a fresh element.

Group play and social interactions in the game, particularly during public events and combat, are the highlights of this game. The game allows you to do:

  • Questing
  • Exploration – with gliding and climbing
  • Crafting and cooking
  • Combat and group play
  • Dungeons
  • Bossing
  • Skill trees

It has all the things you’d typically see in an MMORPG and despite the jankiness and bugs, it is still the best VR anime online game.

9. VRChat – Anime Social App


Everyone knows about VRChat nowadays, however, some people have a hard time getting into it. Let me give some pointers:

  1. I highly recommend playing the Steam version – I couldn’t get into VRChat just playing on the Quest, however, the PCVR version is a game changer – offering more worlds, better graphics, and a more mature community.
  2. If you’re a fan of anime, try visiting the Vket worlds. Vket is an annual flea market for otakus, allowing you to visit renowned Japanese places like Shibuya and Harajuku. The worlds are absolutely stunning – you’ll feel like you’re inside an anime world for real.

10. Little Witch Academia – VR Broom Racing

Little Witch Academia VR

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing is a VR game that allows players to play as a young witch at Luna Nova Academy. You can fly on brooms, participate in races, cast spells, and interact with characters from the Little Witch Academia anime series. The character dialogues and interactions are faithful to the show, and the cutscenes are presented well, being very immersive.

It’s great fun riding on brooms, and a must-have for fans of the anime. However, the total playtime is relatively short, clocking in at around 3 hours with a total races. Regardless, if you want to immerse yourself in the world of Luna Nova Academy, this is a great game to get.

11. Tales of Wedding Rings VR – Blending Manga with VR Technology

Tales of Wedding Rings VR allows players to enter the world of Japanese manga, blending the traditional format with immersive VR technology. You get to experience a story revolving around an average high school student, Satou, who embarks on an adventure after receiving an unexpected email from Hime, the girl living next door.

It’s also got one of the most awesome trailers for a VR anime game:

12. Hop Step Sing! – VR Idol Concerts

It’s colorful, it’s vibrant and it’s the world of J-Pop idol culture, where you can enjoy performances from an idol group. There isn’t much gameplay – you’re basically an audience member with some glowsticks you can wave around. However, if you enjoy the idea of being at a J-Pop idol concert, this one might suit you.

Depending on the version you’re getting, the later ones have more interactive options, allowing you to engage more intimately with the idols, like changing their hairstyles and lighting up their stage.

The game gets pretty cheap during a Steam sale, so I recommend waiting for those.

13. Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu

laid back camp

The game offers players a virtual camping experience set near scenic Mt. Fuji, featuring characters from the Laid-Back Camp anime. Players can go on an adventure with Nadeshiko and Rin, taking pictures and enjoying the virtual outdoors.

There are two games from this franchise:

  • Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Lake Motosu
  • Laid-Back Camp – Virtual – Fumoto Campsite
Overall, it’s a very cute and wholesome experience, perfect for fans of the anime.

14. Revomon – Basically Pokemon VR

I’m abit hesitant to recommend this game, since it’s involved with NFTs, but there aren’t many anime games out there and this one is decent.

It’s basically Pokemon in VR.

Note: You can only play this via SideQuest.

15. PokeQuest VR – VR Pokemon MMO

Another Pokemon game in VR, this one isn’t as immersive since it’s a mixture of 2D and 3D, and you can’t throw the pokeball with your controller. It’s still great fun though, and it’s free! There aren’t any NFTs tied to this one either…

Once again, this is only available through Side Quest.

16. Sushi Ben VR

sushi ben vr

Sushi Ben VR is one of the better anime VR games for those who want to indulge themselves into an anime world. It combines virtual reality storytelling with 3D manga panels that pop up during cutscenes with characters.

It’s a relaxing game with peaceful music, high quality voice acting and a good story.

The story revolves around a sushi bar in Kotobuki Town that’s in danger of closing down. The owner is missing, and you have to work together with one of the residents there to save the bar from going out of business.

The gameplay involves fishing, archery, and gaining friendship with villagers by completing tasks.

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