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November 8th, 2023

There are many reports of the Meta Quest 3 having a 2 hour battery life, but this isn’t 100% accurate because it doesn’t show the fuller picture.

The Quest 3’s battery life depends on the graphical intensity of the game you’re playing and whether you’re using mixed reality or not.

What is the Quest 3 Battery Life?

Anime character questioning the Quest 3 Battery Life. 2 Hours?

The Quest 3 uses a 3640mAh lithium-ion battery which has a battery life of 2 hours for non-intensive games like Beat Saber. However, games with mixed reality or higher GPU usage will drain the battery faster. From my testing, some games deplete the battery in 1:15 hours.

Charging Time

It takes ~2.5 hours to fully charge the Meta Quest 3 headset. You can charge the headset by connecting it to your computer or a power outlet via a USB-C cable. You can also charge the headset while using it, however, the official charging cable is very short – only 1 meter length. So I highly recommend getting a long Quest Link cable, so you can charge it while playing and also access PCVR games.

How to Increase the Quest 3 Battery Life

Turn on Battery Saving mode Quest 3

Meta released a power saving mode for the Quest 3 which will help save battery life at the cost of graphical performance – reducing brightness, refresh rate and applying foveated rendering. By turning on this option, you can extend battery life. Go to settings -> system -> power and turn on battery saver mode.

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What are the Quest 3 Controllers Battery Life?

The Quest 3 controllers are extremely efficient with its energy usage and will last for months of daily use. The exact hours is too long to measure.

Note: I’ve gone up to 6 months without having to recharge my controller batteries on my Quest 2, and I expect Quest 3 to be similar.

What Batteries Do You Need for the Quest 3 Controllers?

The controllers each use a single AA battery. If you plan on using VR for the long term, I recommend investing in some rechargeable batteries:

Panasonic Eneloop AA batteries

The best batteries are the Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries which I recommend you get with the Eneloop charger.

Is it Okay to Leave the Quest 3 Charging Overnight?

Many people are afraid that leaving the Quest 3 charging overnight and damage the battery life, but the headset comes with an auto charging cut off, so it will automatically stop charging when full. It’s 100% okay to leave the Quest 3 charging overnight for the short term, but avoid doing it every day in the long term.

Why are my Quest 3 Batteries Dying so Fast?

There are a few reasons why the Quest 3 batteries are dying so fast:

  • If you’re playing mixed reality games, or graphically intensive games, the battery will only last 1:15-1:30
  • Over time, the battery will lose efficiency as part of its natural aging process – you’ll need to contact Oculus Support to replace it
  • You’re leaving your Quest 3 on whilst not using it. Maybe sure the display is turned off.

Hope that answers your questions! 

If there’s a question I haven’t answered, let me know! hello@vrheaven.io – I’ll respond in 24 hours.

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