Best PC Games That Have a Console Version

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Games have become an integral part of everyday entertainment. Games enable us to chill and release some steam after a long day. They also allow people to bond over their favorite stories and have fun! 

Some people prefer online multiplayer games, others like playing from their computers, while some gamers adore consoles. While we won’t enter the dangerous route of claiming which type of game is best, we will explore a few interesting titles with two versions: PCs and consoles. 

It’s a combination of the best of two worlds: if you like the idea of a specific game but couldn’t stand it being a PC- or console-only game, now you can explore it! Now, choose your fighter and have fun!

Diablo 3

The title “Diablo” is rather famous, and most players immediately categorize it as a PC type. However, the game was also launched on the original PlayStation. Not many people know, but this exciting (and sometimes gory) game was adopted for console play a few years after its release for personal computers. 

If you think about it, it all makes sense. Why would you want to control your fighter or chosen character by clicking on these heroes? It’s inconvenient and feels like playing progressive slots while cashing out after every win. Yet, some people prefer this control type in games. Now, however, gamers can enjoy more convenient controls through a console. 

Diablo III


Perhaps not many people can imagine playing Minecraft as a console game. It’s easy to imagine playing Minecraft as an online game from a tablet or phone, but the console version makes people dizzy. Yet, it’s now possible. 

Minecraft is so popular that it feels like this game has been around since the 90s, but shockingly, it is relatively new and was launched on November 18th, 2011! Since then, people have grown to enjoy the blocky-looking game and open-world building. Many developers were inspired by this genre and created other interesting games. Heck, even some Metaverse developers were inspired by Minecraft!

The point is that this famous game is now also available on consoles. Moreover, Minecraft is so well-adapted to consoles that it’s hard to imagine that one can play it from PCs. Nowadays, you can also play Minecraft on your VR headsets through PCVR or QuestCraft. If you were always against playing Minecraft because it was for PC fanatics only, now you can enjoy it on your terms!


Stepping into dangerous territory, it’s still a must to say that incorporating the split-screen co-op into the console version gives an edge over the original one for PCs. While Blizzard’s version for computers is still in the hearts of loyal fans, many are happy with getting a console version on Nintendo.

The console version falls under the RTS genre. Gamers get a fascinating chance to control one of many factions and engage in searching for resources to build bigger and stronger armies simply to smash the armies of their foes! It all sounds exciting for a reason: the game is impressive and interesting. 


Blizzard released the original in 1998. By the year 2000, it became the go-to option for PC gamers. Starcraft then also reached the Nintendo 64 console. Now, you have another reason to try this version of the game. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

Most players enjoy playing superhero games on their consoles. Well, Batman: Arkham Knight is now available on PlayStation and Xbox Consoles. Many will agree that the Batman: Arkham Knight release on PCs did not perform as well as developers expected: it was almost an epic fail. Moreover, the developers removed the game from store shelves since the developers wanted to address the problem. The game is available on consoles today, while the PC version is still not the first choice. 

Wasteland 3

It’s hard to explain, but something is fascinating about immersing yourself in the post-apocalyptic world. Such games are extremely popular, whether it’s our attraction to the unknown or the desire to see if it’s possible to survive an apocalypse. Wasteland 3 is a perfect example of an epic RPG with quests that have several outcomes!

The original was adopted for the PC hardware, but now anyone can enjoy the console version and see if they can help their characters survive the dangerous post-apocalyptic reality. The developers now just need to adapt the game to VR headsets, and everyone will be happy!

Rocket League

Some game developers prefer to release the game on PCs and test whether it’s successful. That’s what happened when Rocket League was released in 2015. Players loved the game; it didn’t seem to have too many bugs, so the developers adapted Rocket League to consoles and released this version in 2016.

Rocket League

The success of this game was not surprising: who doesn’t like to play football (or soccer, if you call it like that), but with superpowered cars? The game is fast-paced and requires a team, which is even more appealing for those who like spending time with friends over some beard and a good old football game!

One of the reasons for this game to be on the list is that it takes everything good from the PC version and adds even more goodies for the console fans. 

Final Thoughts

The trend of adapting popular PC titles is becoming more prominent thanks to the growing popularity of console gaming. Gaming is no longer recognized as something “nerdy,” and people like bonding over exciting stories and adventures. 

Organizing a Friday night with your friends over a console is much more convenient. In fact, it’s impossible to do so when playing a PC game. Thus, you can try some of these most popular and fun games from the list by playing them on a console.