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November 30th, 2023

How to Remove Quest 3 Facial Interface

how to remove quest 3 facial interface

Removing the Quest 3 facial interface (faceplate) is exactly the same as the Quest 2’s – you just need to pull on it on the left side until you hear a “snap.” Then do the same on the right side (order doesn’t matter). It’s secured more tightly than the Quest 2, so you will have to apply more force in order to remove it.

See gif above for demonstration.

Be careful not to scratch the lenses while doing this, as it’ll be a costly mistake. To prevent this from happening, try to pull and maintain the facial interface at a horizontal angle, so the “whiplash” doesn’t cause it to hit the lenses.

If you’re worried, slowly pull out one corner at a time. Start with the top side/corners, which are more difficult to remove.

I like to grab the white frontal plate of the headset with one hand, and the black facial interface part with the other hand. Then simply pull with force.

Why Remove Quest 3 Facial Interface?

Meta Quest 3 Lenses

You might want to remove the Quest 3 facial interface because:

  1. You need to clean it
  2. You want to replace the facial interface with a third party interface to make your Quest 3 more comfortable
  3. You want greater FOV by getting the lenses closer to your eyes

Can you Break it if You Pull Too Hard?

No you can’t break it if you pull too hard, but you can break it if you pull with improper technique. As long as you follow the demonstration above you should be fine.