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January 9th, 2024

Top 10 Games Like Beat Saber

Beat Arena VR

Beat Saber is an addictive VR rhythm game that you can easily pour hundreds or even thousands of hours into. Since the game is so fun, it’s also a great exercise routine.

Here are 10 games like Beat Saber that incorporates music, fitness and loads of fun:

1. Synth Riders

If you’re into VR rhythm games then ‘Synth Riders’ should be next on your list. Synth Riders is like Beat Saber, but with more dancing and funk – it feels really good to play and I’m very confident in saying almost every Beat Saber fan will like Synth Riders.

Synth Riders is like stepping into a retro-futuristic world where you ride along with the music. The game has you hitting notes with your hands, but it’s more about the flow and dance of it all. The tracks are a mix of synthwave and electronic, which really sets the mood for some energetic gameplay.

What I love about ‘Synth Riders’ is the sense of movement. You’re not just slashing through blocks; you’re grooving, dodging, and riding the rhythm. The environments are vibrant and add to the whole immersive experience. Plus, it’s a great workout without feeling like one. After a few songs, I was both physically engaged and totally lost in the music.

As a Beat Saber fan with 1000+ hours, I gotta say, I was skeptical at first. But after trying the game, I realized I was wrong. There’s a lot about Synth Riders that I like even more than Beat Saber! Mainly, I loved the energetic soundtracks and the overall feeling and immersion.

The only downside is the custom song collection is tiny compared to Beat Saber, but the mapping for the top songs are mind-blowing. I recommend checking out Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart – it’s a banger custom map!

2. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is like someone took a rhythm game and mashed it up with an action movie. You’re shooting to the beat, dodging bullets, and feeling like a total badass. The game has this intense, cinematic quality to it. It’s about feeling like a hero in a high-octane movie scene.

The levels are designed to make you move – you’re ducking, sidestepping, and firing, all in time with the music. It’s exhilarating. One thing that stands out in ‘Pistol Whip’ is the variety of scenes and music. Each level feels like a different movie, from sci-fi to noir, and the music ranges from EDM to more cinematic scores. It’s a workout, for sure, but one that leaves you feeling like you’ve just starred in your own action film.

Every time I play, I find myself feeling an adrenaline rush from the gameplay.

3. Ragnarock

Ragnarock VR rhythm game

Ragnarock is like Beat Saber, but with a viking theme and for fans of rock and metal music. 

Imagine you’re a Viking drummer on a longship, racing against others, all set to the beat of some hard-hitting metal music.

You hit the drums as the notes come flying towards you, and the accuracy of your hits propels your Viking ship forward in a race. The better you match the rhythm, the faster you go. 

What I love about Ragnarock is how it combines the energy of a rhythm game with a competitive racing element. You’re not just playing for the high score; you’re racing to be the first across the finish line. There’s multiplayer, which adds another layer of fun.

Unlike Beat Saber, instead of up and down notes, you’re just smashing drums in this game, but it is a great workout. I found myself using less wrist and more arm movement in this game, giving me a better workout than Beat Saber.

4. PianoVision

PianoVision App

PianoVision is an innovative addition to the rhythm game genre, particularly for those who are interested in piano playing. It’s a unique game that blends music learning with the fun and interactive elements of a rhythm game. Essentially, it uses augmented reality (AR) to teach piano playing in an engaging and interactive way.

The game displays notes and rhythms in a visual format, projecting them onto your physical piano or keyboard. As the notes scroll down the screen, they line up with the corresponding keys on your piano, guiding you on when and where to play. This real-time feedback is fantastic for learning and practicing piano, as it combines the traditional aspects of piano lessons with a more modern, game-like approach.

It’s recommended that you get a keyboard for PianoVision if you want to play this game. Having a physical keyboard makes the experience 10 times better.

5. Beat Arena

Beat Arena VR

Beat Arena is an exciting title for anime fans, who want to imagine themselves on a virtual stage, part of a band. You can choose to play the drums, keyboard, guitar, or bass each with its own gameplay style.

My favorite part about the game are the visuals – they’re colorful, vibrant and really immerse you into feeling like you’re part of a J-Pop band performing in front of a large audience holding glowsticks.

6. OhShape


OhShape is a game like Beat Saber, but more focused on full body movement. It is inspired by the idea of moving your body to fit through shapes, similar to the concept you might see in game shows. In OhShape, you’re not just hitting targets or slashing blocks; you’re using your entire body to match shapes that come towards you in time with the music.

The gameplay involves dodging, punching, and striking poses to fit through silhouettes in walls moving towards you, all set to a beat.

You’re constantly ducking, stepping side to side, and reaching with your arms, which turns the game into a full-body workout.

7. Audica

Developed by Harmonix, the creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, this game combines rhythm-based shooting with a variety of electronic tracks. It’s like stepping into a futuristic musical shooting gallery, where you use guns to shoot at targets that appear in sync with the music. 

There are various targets to keep the gameplay engaging: you have standard targets, but also ones that require you to hold a note, or targets that must be hit in a specific direction.

Overall, if you’re a fan of electronic music, Audica is a great Beat Saber alternative.

8. Audioshield


Audioshield takes the rhythm game concept and adds a layer of personalization. You’re essentially blocking beats with shields on your hands, but the cool part is that the game generates levels based on your own music. You can load up your favorite tracks and the game creates a beat map for them.

Each of these games offers a unique take on the rhythm genre, much like Beat Saber. They blend music, movement, and immersive gameplay to create experiences that are not just fun, but also physically engaging. Whether you’re looking to dance, fight, or just lose yourself in the music, these games are sure to provide hours of high-energy entertainment.

9. Rock Band VR

Rock Band VR

If you have PCVR and a guitar controller, you might want to check out Rock Band VR on the Oculus Rift store. Yes, it’s only available there and it isn’t supported by standalone Meta Quest.

However, for those who are a fan of Guitar Hero/Rock Band and want to see how the game plays in VR – this is an amazing experience that really shines in how it immerses you in the concert environment. You’re on stage with your band, in front of an animated crowd that reacts to your performance, feeling the excitement and adrenaline of playing a live show!

There are over 60 songs, featuring a mix of classic rock songs and modern hits.

I just wish someone made another game like this in the future.

10. Supernatural: Unreal Fitness

So you want to play a game like Beat Saber, but more geared towards fitness? Supernatural is what you’re looking for.

In Supernatural, the gameplay is very similar to Beat Saber, but there is a much greater emphasis on full body movement. You’ll find yourself squatting, lunging, and swinging to hit the targets. Overall, it’s a much better workout than Beat Saber, and I highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, this game isn’t available in all countries/regions. Currently it’s only available in US and CA. I believe due to music licensing restrictions.

I really hope this changes in the future, but overall, these are the best 10 games like Beat Saber, and I hope you found something you can enjoy for hundreds of hours!

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