Who is the best Beat Saber player (as of 2020)?

Many people don’t know this, but there’s actually a leaderboard for Beat Saber. Here are the current rankings:

Best Beat Saber Player


According to the leaderboards, the best Beat Saber player in the world is Taichi, who is known for being the only person to beat the insanely hard ‘GHOST’ series by Dankruptmemer:

If you ask the general consensus, they’ll agree that Taichi is the best player in the world. After watching this video, you’ll even think he’s super-human.

Taichi’s competed in the Summer Saber Starsand the ‘Cube Community’ tournament 7 months ago, which he won by beating Bckill and CoolingCloset respectively.

The tournament consisted of the top players of that time including: Garsh, CoolingCloset, AtomicX, Bckill and Sfkwww, some of which you’ll notice are still on the top 30 leaderboards.

To be honest, everyone on the top 100 leaderboards are insanely good and can beat anyone on any given day.

It also largely depends on what Beatmap they’re playing – some people are accuracy gods, others have very quick hands and prefer speed maps whilst some prefer technical maps.

But in terms of skill and reliability, Taichi owns the first spot for most the difficult beatmaps and held a very high full combo rate in that tournament.

What about Bandoot?

There’s a big misconception that Bandoot is one of the best players out there, because he’s so popular. Whilst Bandoot is very skilled, he’s rank 379 on the leaderboards (as of writing this) and can’t be compared to the world’s best players.

Don’t get me wrong though – top 500 is extremely difficult to get and the skill difference between top 500 and top 10 is not as much as you think.

But overall, the best Beat Saber player is currently Taichi. The current #2 player is SilverHaze.

Taichi Beat Saber

The rankings change over time and sometimes someone will overtake Taichi, but he’s the most consistent holder of the #1 title on ScoreSaber.

Beat Saber is still relatively new, only being around for over a year. The talent pool is still lacking compared to Osu, but that’s going to change soon and I’m excited to see the new blood that’s going to come in.