Beat Saber Mapping Commissions

Are you looking for custom Beat Saber maps of your favorite songs? There’s a few ways to go about it and we’ll outline each one here!

The FREE Options:

  1. Create a Beatmap yourself
  2. Use BeatSage, an AI that automatically creates Beatmaps for any song you want.

The AI program is decent, but nowhere near perfect.

You can create higher quality maps yourself, but mapping can be very time consuming. Each minute of a song might take an experienced mapper 1-3 hours to map, whilst a beginner can take over 5 hours.

The time it takes also depends on how much effort you want to put into custom lighting and how polished you want the map to be.

If you want to learn how to create a Beat Saber map, you can do so here:

The Paid Option: Commissioning a Mapper

Rather than spending hours creating your own map, you can also hire an experienced mapper who’ll do it for you. Not only can they create maps faster, but their maps will be of higher quality.

Where do you find such mappers?

The main place would be the Discord for Beat Saber mapping commissions.

Various mappers of different experience levels and rates go there looking for work.

Mapping can be time consuming and requires some creativity and understanding of rhythm, so many people prefer to commission someone.

Pricing for maps can range from $15/minute of song to up to $35/minute. There are outliers of course.