Beat Saber Mapping Commissions

Are you looking for someone to create a Beat Saber map for you? Try hiring ETAN who’s open for commissions right now.

Beat Saber mapping can take over 12 hours for beginners and 5 hours for the really experience beat mappers, so you can save yourself a lot of time by paying someone experienced to do it for you.

ETAN is one of the best ones Beat mappers in the community and has very affordable rates:

Beat Saber pay for custom songs

We have ordered some Beatmaps from him before and they have turned out great! Take a look at some of them:

Download link:

Download link:

Pro tip: You can download the Rainbow or Chroma mod to get that ‘WOW’ factor. I highly recommend it.

To order, you can contact him on Twitter or Discord (ETAN#8341) and he’ll send you the details. You can also email him at: ethann121 (at) gmail (dot) com