All You Need to Know About Demeo

Demeo VR Review

Disclaimer: After hearing a lot of hype about Demeo, I requested for some keys from the developers, and they were nice enough to send us some. This will be our 100% honest review of the game and whether we think it lived up to the hype or not.

First of all, I want to answer some common questions about the game:


Is Demeo Cross-Platform (i.e. can a Quest play with a Valve Index)?

Yes, Demeo is cross-platform. A standalone Quest user can crossplay with PCVR people.

Setting up a multiplayer room is very simple, you just create the room, it’ll give you a code – then you give that code to your friends to enter – doesn’t matter what VR headset they’re using.

Is Demeo VR only?

As of May 2021 it’s VR only, but the developers have announced a non-VR version coming in the next few months that’s able to play with VR users!

Can multiple people play Demeo with one account?

Multiple people CAN play Demeo with just one account as long as you have multiple devices to play from.

How many players is Demeo? What’s the recommended amount of people?

It doesn’t matter, because the difficult scales with the number of players. The game allows up to 4 players.

We played with two players and didn’t find the game overly difficult.

Is the game fun on single player?

Yep – the gameplay itself is fun even without social interaction, but I highly recommend pairing up with other people because the social experience and teamwork aspect makes the game so much better.

If I don’t have friends in VR, is it easy to find a group of sensible people?

Yep! At least for now – the game is very popular and I can find a game in seconds.

Are there mods for this game?

Yes people have already started making mods for this game. You can make your own mods or get some from other people from the Demeo Discord modding group.

So is Demeo Worth it?

I had a BLAST playing this game. So much so I decided to include it on my best VR games list. I loved the social aspect, and the strategic component. I spent 3 hours playing it non-stop when I first got the game and I don’t usually stay in VR for that long.

HOWEVER – I must warn you that as of right now (May 2021), there isn’t much content. There’s only 3 levels and you can beat it in a few hours. But since the levels are randomized – there is a bit of replayability.

The devs have already announced there’ll be on-going free updates so I’m really looking forward to that. But if you do buy the game – just know it’ll be a short experience until the game gets more levels.

There’s also the modding group and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

So overall – game is amazing, but incomplete. Once the game gets more updates, I will 100% recommend it. But for now – it’s up to you if you want to get it.

Our Review of Demeo:

I personally have never played any tabletop games before, whilst my friend has a bit of experience playing D&D and lots of experience with Tabletop Simulator. We both really enjoyed the game nonetheless.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Breaking down the elements:


✅ Masterpiece
▢ Great
▢ Good
▢ Bad
▢ Horrible


▢ Almost perfect, no bugs or glitches
✅ Few minor bugs/glitches
▢ Buggy, but playable.
▢ Unplayable.


▢ Masterpiece
▢ Great
✅ Generic
▢ Bad
▢ Horrible


▢ Eargasm
▢ Beautiful
✅ Good
▢ Generic
▢ Bad

Overall Enjoyment: 

✅ Very fun
▢ Somewhat fun
▢ Okay
▢ Boring
▢ Fell asleep

Worth the money?

✅ Probably
▢ Maybe
▢ Wait for discounts
▢ No

I would’ve said ‘HELL YES’ if it weren’t for the game being unfinished.

I still thought it was worth it, and most people seemed to enjoy it, but I can also see people being disappointed with the lack of content.

Future updates should satisfy those people though :)

If you love the idea of this game, it won’t hurt to buy it now to support the developers in creating more content.

What Did I Like About the Game?

Demeo spell cards

  1. I really like the turn based combat with two actions per turn. Actions can be move, attack, interact (e.g. picking up money or unlocking a chest) or use a card in your hand. It allows for lots of planning/strategy without feeling too overwhelming. The game was quite balanced, although I love extremely challenging games and wished there was some nearly impossible missions.
  2. I also liked how at the end of each stage, you can go to the shop and choose what cards to buy.
  3. The class system also added another element of depth to the game as each class has it’s own playstyle and can combo well with certain classes. I was archer (hunter) whilst my partner was guardian. I thought this was a fairly simple combination that turned out quite well :)
  4. Almost no motion sickness. There’s very little artificial motion, so it’s a great game for beginners to pick up.
  5. The room was easy to set up for friends to join – didn’t have to tweak anything.
  6. There are many different cards/spells you can pick up from chests or leveling up. Those feature a variety of cool attacks you can use such as an AoE (Area-of-effect) spell or a single target high damage attack. There’s also pets you can summon and various potions – some that heal HP, some that increase your attack. Overall – there’s lots of variety and strategic depth to this game.
  7. Controls were easy to understand and remember.
  8. It also features objects you can use in the environment to your advantage – like shooting a gas lamp to engulf the enemies in toxic gas.
  9. Levels are randomized so it’s a different game each time.

What I Dislike About the Game:

  1. The mic was slightly muffled in-game. Still was easy for us to hear each other and communicate.
  2. Having to lean over to look at the board can be straining on the neck because of the weight of the VR headset. Luckily they added an option to tilt the board so you can just look straight (although this won’t look as cool).
  3. Game is unfinished.

Overall I’m very impressed with this game and there isn’t much bad to say about it other than ‘lack of content’ which will be fixed in the future and I eagerly await for more levels in this game.

If you have any questions regarding the game, feel free to email me at: